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Q&A: Effective Collagens, and Expiry Dates

Hi, everyone! We are very grateful that our customers care about the products from Wonect, and ask about them everyday. “If I have dry skin, which one should I choose?” “Do you have the latest...


Have Children? This 3 TED Videos are for You

Hi everyone, it’s Nam-chan. I have a sister in her thirties, and I often look after my nephew and niece for her (though it’s more like playing with them). This made me wonder what...


Which Collagen Should I Choose? (Video)

If you’ve ever wondered about Japanese collagen, this video is for you! Roger introduces to us what some of the popular collagens are in Japan, and shares what makes them different from each other!


The Game of Love. Starring Cockroach.

I’m not specifically relating a rich and vibrant lifestyle, only sharing my normal, carefree life. And because it’s such a peaceful life, as a person I find my ability to deal with sudden changes...


Top 3 Japanese Summer Songs for Karaoke!

Good day, it’s Nam-chan. In Kyoto, the Gion matsuri finally has a “coming soon” feel to it! Seems like there is going to be a huge gathering of people next week. A certain topic...


Halal Ramen, Karaoke and Cosmetics!

Hi everyone! This month we have a Hari Raya Special sale. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t, and of course everyone will receive the discount! And that led me to thinking,...