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Kose SportsBeauty UVWear

Guys… Kyoto is boiling hot recently (◎_◎;) Every day it’s 38 degrees or above. But recently Gion Matsuri was held – one of the most important festivals in Japan. During the festival, these floats...


Hada Labo Masks Review Part I – Shirojyun Mask

Hi everyone, this is Ina with my first blog review (*^_^*) For the past few weeks I’ve been trying out Hada Labo’s face masks. Hada Labo is well-known among beauty enthusiasts for their moisturising...


Hada Labo Moisturising Lotions in Comparison

I’d like to thank our readers for always sharing their opinions with us. Recently, we’ve received a lot of comments and questions at, so this week I’d like to address some of them by...