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Japanese Make Up

If you are into the amazing range of Japanese make up looks, then you are in the right place. Wonect.Life introduces, compares and reviews some of the favourite make up products for you!

It would be folly to attempt listing all the popular brands. However you’ll be able to find favourites such as CANMAKE, Kate, Flowfushi and more. With these brands, they bring us the cosmetic heaven where we shall be indulge in lipsticks, eye make, blushes, foundations and more!

On top of the cuteness and sophistication Japanese make up bring us, the trend of beauty care and UV protection is also on the rise. You’ll discover welcomed beauty ingredients in them, and learn how cosmetics can provide you with a boost in protection from UV rays.

In additional, you might be interested to read about the cosmetics that are gathering some attention in various parts of Japan! Or even the top cosmetic brands in Kyoto~

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