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Seasonal Skin Problems? Dr.Ci:Labo Prescribes Oxygen!

Is your skin lacking oxygen? This might not be a question you’ve considered before! We’ve been hearing about oxygen bars in San Francisco and hyberbaric oxygen tanks in Tokyo, but is it a useful skincare...


Reviewing Dr.Ci:Labo UV&WHITE Moisture Gel

Have you heard of Dr.Ci:Labo? It’s one of widely know Japanese cosmetic brand which is well know for Aqua-Collagen-Gel. They actually have different kinds of products such as cleansing oil, make up products, but...


Cosmetic Products to Correct Skin Pigmentation

In this fourth and final part of comparing medical drugs, quasi drugs and cosmetic products, we are going to talk about skin pigmentation! Skin Pigmentation: Choose cosmetic products over quasi drugs? There are numerous...