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This blog was created because Wonect.com customers were asking a lot of important questions about Japanese products. We felt that everyone needed to know about these good questions too, so that more people can learn and share!

This blog aims to answer key questions that help you find and buy Japanese products that are best fits for yourself. No more do you need to use products wondering if and how they work. No longer do you have to feel frustrated with not understanding Japanese. Wonect.Life will help you figure out questions like:

  • how do I choose between the similar looking sunscreens?
  • how do I know which shampoo to use?
  • does this collagen contain pig or fish collagen?
  • how can I start with whitening supplements?

Wondering where to start? Our readers really enjoy the following articles:

Which Shiseido Shampoo Should I Choose?

Pig Collagen vs Fish Collagen: What Brand Contains Which?

Chocola BB: Desirable for Skin Troubles, Ulcers and Beauty

What kind of content can I find here?


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You can find specific themes here. Wonect.Life writes monthly topics, for example hair, makeup removals and sunscreens.

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How do I know which products to use? How do I choose among so many products, based on what conditions? Ask Wonect, and we will find out those answers for you!

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We also have a large number of Japanese product reviews available for you!


The Team

We are Wonect, a team located in Kyoto, and retailing in Japanese products. We strive to introduce the goodness of Japanese goods to the world!

The Authors

Lead writer. Experienced in cosmetic reviews, passionate in blogs about people. Strives to bring happiness to female readers. Advocates for customers, trust in long standing brands and open to trying new ones. Constantly thinking of new experiences. Has a unique worldview, with the mind in the clouds. His fan-supported, close-to-the-heart articles brings us the small slices of life.

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