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Japanese supplements

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to look at a Japanese supplement, and say with confidence that it is suitable for ourselves or not. It also becomes more difficult when we look at the whole shelf of supplements that somehow all look the same!

Wonect.Life makes comparisons between these Japanese supplements, and find out what the Japanese think of them. We also do reviews, so you can be more informed when purchasing your own supplements.

Some of these supplements are considered quasi drugs, which is a form of medication. We also share this with you, so you’ll learn about how Japan classifies its supplements. This will help you become a wiser shopper and buy products effective for yourself, and not just buy things based on what’s trending.

Collagen supplements are the most popular supplements, followed by skin whitening supplements. Do check them out if you are interested in them!


TRANSINO White C Clear Supplement Review

Transino is a well known range of skin-whitening supplements here in Japan, based around tranexamic acid and vitamin C. I recently reviewed their Clear Wash Facial Cleanser, but since it contained no active whitening ingredients,...


Red Label: Chocola BB Royal T Review!

The product I’m going to talk about today is Chocola BB Royal T. I think its red label makes a real impression! This product is part of the Chocola BB series that I know...