Which Biore Sunscreen Should I Choose?

Biore has a wide variety of beauty products, ranging from facial foams to makeup removal to body powder sheets, setting itself as a cosmetics brand. It is easy to choose from the range of products they have, be it if you are searching for gentle and low in acidity for babies, or if you are looking to address a particular concern. The familiarity of the brand also reaches out to people. These two points is what makes Biore so popular.

In today’s article, we are going to introduce to explore how to differentiate the different Biore sunscreens, touching on their features and reviews.

Three main categories of Biore Sunscreen

Aqua Rich Series
Sara Sara UV Series
Suitable for Children Too Series

Aqua Rich Series

The popular series that is radiant, and impressively comfortable to apply.

Not only does this series takes out the stickiness that come with many other sunscreens, it gives you the sensation that applying it is better than not doing so.

All the products in this series have hyaluronic acid royal jelly essence in their formulation. The three types of fruity fragrance (orange, grapefruit and lemon) also set you in a refreshing mood when you apply them.

1) AQUA Rich Watery Essence
2) AQUA Rich Watery Gel
3) AQUA Rich Gel Lotion
4) AQUA Rich BB Essence
5) AQUA Rich Whitening Essence

1) AQUA Rich Watery Essence (SPF50+/PA++++)

AR watery essence

For use on body and face, 50g

The formula includes water capsules composited with the ability to provide UV protection. One of its features is that when you apply it on the skin it, it actually feels and sets in like water. The Watery Essence is the standard sunscreen that is suitable for anyone, making it very popular and achieving the number one bestseller status for 4 years in a row. It can be used as a makeup base, and even allows foundation application without difficulty.

EDIT: This product was reformulated in Feb 2017! It is now Super Waterproof, meaning it can resist water or sweat for more than 80 minutes! Check out its new look on our update article here.

2) AQUA Rich Watery Gel (SPF50+/PA++++)

AR watery gel

For use on body and face, 90g
Similar to the AQUA Rich Watery Essence, within it are water capsules that have UV protection ingredients, and it applies on the skin like water. This sunscreen is also formulated with Light Veils, which gives your skin a glossy look when you apply it.

It is also the most popular gel type sunscreen in Japan this year.

EDIT: The Watery Gel was also reformulated in Feb 2017! It is now Super Waterproof, and can resist water or sweat for more than 80 minutes. Check out the new look on our update article here.

3) AQUA Rich Gel Lotion (SPF33/PA+++)

For use on body, 90ml
Made up of Sweat-drying Powder and the cooling component Menthol, it is recommended for anyone who wants silk, smooth look for your skin. The cooling feel when you use this will blow away your discomfort of sweat or heat.

4) AQUA Rich BB Essence (SPF50+/PA++++)

AR bb

For use on face, 33g
BB essence is able to correct the colour of your skin, and just applying it will nudge you a little towards getting a brighter, more beautiful skin. Since the BB essence cannot act as a cover, it is recommended for you if you are into the natural makeup look. To remove this sunscreen, please use either facial wash or makeup removals.

5) AQUA Rich Whitening Essence (SPF50+/PA++++)

AR whitening essence

For face use, 33g
Formulated with the beauty component “Chamomile ET”, this is a sunscreen with whitening effect. It features both whitening effect and UV protection. To remove this sunscreen, please use either facial wash or makeup removals.

Sara Sara UV Series

“Sara sara” means silky smooth. This series is recommended for those who really do not like to get tanned, and has received overwhelming support from ladies who are sensitive to sun tans. With its strong UV protection and it being waterproof, it is also highly recommended for anyone who has to be out in the sun for long periods of time.

1) PERFECT Milk (SPF50+/PA++++)

perfect milk

For use on body and face, 40ml
This sunscreen is able to provide proper UV protection from UVA, which causes skin spots and freckles. Since it is waterproof against sweat and water, it is recommended for leisure or sports activities as it won’t come off easily.

2) PERFECT Face Milk (SPF50+/PA++++)

perfect face milk

For use on face, 30ml
This sunscreen is also able to provide proper UV protection from UVA, which causes skin spots and freckles. The waterproof feature also makes this sunscreen suitable for long outdoor activities and defending against UV rays. Made up of transparent UV protection powder, there is no white cast, so you can use it as a makeup base.

3) PERFECT Bright Milk (SPF50+/PA++++)

perfect bright milk

For use on face, 30ml
It provides proper UV protection from UVA, which causes skin spots and freckles. The slight pinkish colour can cover unevenness and dullness, and even raise one tone up for your skin colour.

Suitable for Children Too Series

1) UV Nobi Nobi Kids Milk Type(SPF50+/PA++++)

For use on body and face, 90g
Nobi Nobi means carefree, refering to how children can play out in the sun without worrying about the UV rays. It also applies easily too, even though it is waterproof. Recommended for really hot weathers and/or long periods ou in the sun.


2) UV Mild care Milk (SPF30/PA++)

mild care milk

For use on body and face, 120ml
Biore’s body soap for babies is rather well-known, as it is gentle enough able to wash the baby’s skin. The sunscreen made for babies and children is also quite popular. This recommended for UV protection for children who will be applying outdoors for periods of time. This is also suitable for anyone with atopic skins or skins in bad conditions.

Some videos about the Biore series!

Here is an overview video, with less details but acts as a good refresher!

Ever wondered about sunscreen expiry dates, and especially Japanese sunscreen expiry dates? We answer it here!

Here we share why the Biore UV Mild Care Milk might be for you if you have highly sensitive skin:


5 thoughts on “Which Biore Sunscreen Should I Choose?

  • 2017年3月15日 at 3:16 PM

    Thanks for sharing, Harumi. It’s very informative.
    One question I have – which of these is least likely to cause breakout (acne)?

    • 2017年3月16日 at 9:59 AM

      Hi Mich, there are many reasons why there are breakouts. In the case of sebum control or oily skin, you might like to go for the gel type that would not leave any stickiness behind. For Biore as an example, it would be the Aqua Rich Watery Gel. Milk types have a high content of oil, so I can’t really suggest those types.

      – Harumi

      • 2017年3月16日 at 3:48 PM

        Thanks for clarifying. I’ll go with the gel type then. BTW should I get the 2016 or 2017 version of it?

      • 2017年3月16日 at 3:57 PM

        Also another question – how does the Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gel compare to products from other brands, such as the Anessa Perfect UV Aqua Booster (in terms of causing breakout)?

        Thanks a lot!

        • 2017年3月22日 at 9:14 AM

          When thinking about acne, there’s a number of things to think about.

          First is the texture. Both the Gel and the Essence are light on the skin, which feels better than milk or cream types. Though this is really personal preference.

          Another is the ingredients. If you are concerned with acne, it might be better to choose a product that does not include UV absorbents, is alcohol-free, and does not include mineral oils.

          Aqua Rich Watery Gel includes the above three (Anessa too). If you are concerned with the ingredients, you may like to consider KAO Curel’s sunscreen which is alcohol- and UV absorbent-free. It is quite popular among users with sensitive skin or troubled skin.

          If you need more clarifications, please feel free to ask.
          We have contact with KAO, so we can share any information we can get from them!

          – Harumi


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