Which Biore Sunscreen Should I Choose?

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  1. Mich says:

    Thanks for sharing, Harumi. It’s very informative.
    One question I have –which of these is least likely to cause breakout (acne)?

    • Hi Mich, there are many reasons why there are breakouts. In the case of sebum control or oily skin, you might like to go for the gel type that would not leave any stickiness behind. For Biore as an example, it would be the Aqua Rich Watery Gel. Milk types have a high content of oil, so I can’t really suggest those types.


      • Mich says:

        Thanks for clarifying. I’ll go with the gel type then. BTW should I get the 2016 or 2017 version of it?

      • Mich says:

        Also another question –how does the Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gel compare to products from other brands, such as the Anessa Perfect UV Aqua Booster (in terms of causing breakout)?

        Thanks a lot!

        • When thinking about acne, there’s a number of things to think about.

          First is the texture. Both the Gel and the Essence are light on the skin, which feels better than milk or cream types. Though this is really personal preference.

          Another is the ingredients. If you are concerned with acne, it might be better to choose a product that does not include UV absorbents, is alcohol-free, and does not include mineral oils.

          Aqua Rich Watery Gel includes the above three (Anessa too). If you are concerned with the ingredients, you may like to consider KAO Curel’s sunscreen which is alcohol- and UV absorbent-free. It is quite popular among users with sensitive skin or troubled skin.

          If you need more clarifications, please feel free to ask.
          We have contact with KAO, so we can share any information we can get from them!


  2. Nangfah says:

    Which one is more suitable for dry skin? Bfr ths i use the milk one, and it makes my skin more dry

    • Hi Nangfah!
      All the Biore UV milks are fairly moisturizing, so if you feel like they are drying out your skin it’s possible your skin is reacting badly to the alcohols or fragrances in them.
      I’d recommend trying the Biore UV Mild Care Milk—it’s alcohol free, unfragranced, low pH, and moisturising, so it should be more gentle and non-drying than the regular types.
      Hope that helps!

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