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Pai no Mi x Pablo Cheesecake Snack Review

Many would already know the famed Pablo Cheesecake, that was born out of Osaka, Japan. Tender to the bite, succulent on the taste, happiness overload that needed intervention… or so I have heard because...


Calbee Coriander Potato Chips Review

The office didn’t know how to react to the new coriander-flavoured potato chips from Calbee. It’s not the first time we’ve had a vegetable flavoured snack. Nori (seasweed) and matcha flavours have found their...


Japanese Umeboshi Review

One fine day, the Wonect boss says to us, “Let’s try umeboshi!” And our Taiwan colleague says, “No way. I’ll hate the taste.” Thus the Snack Review Series was born. Hi everyone! Wonect to...