Anessa Sunscreen Gold vs Silver! 2017 version

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10 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    Where can I buy these in the uk ??
    Thank you

  2. Medy Amor says:

    Where can i buy anessa in the philippines?

  3. Manuela says:

    Hello!!! I love the Anessa Perfect Foundation (the dark blue one) but it seems its not produced anymore. Do you know why? Is there a similar version/product? It was perfect to cover melasma…

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Manuela, yes the latest change in the Anessa series was confusing for many of us! Our guess is that there is a “consolidation” of similar products, which to be honest, could have been more confusing then. You may want to look at Anessa Perfect BB, which is in yellow-green colour.

      edit: The Anessa Perfect BB is no longer available.

  4. Kendall says:

    Can I use the mild one even if I don’t have sensitive skin?

  5. Emi says:

    Is it advisible to be used as daily sunscreen or just for intensive over the bakod activities?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi, yes, these are ideal to use as daily sunscreens! You can wear them with makeup, and they are light on the skin so you won’t notice them. They also contain skincare ingredients so they will help improve the skin if you use them regularly.

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