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Japan Halloween 2016 Cute Character Collaboration!

Hi everybody, it’s Fujikawa! ^▽^ So soon it’s already October, and speaking of October, it’s soon to be Halloween! The streets and such as starting to have Halloween decorations up, heightening the Halloween mood a...


Top Japanese Air Purifiers: Go For PM2.5 Support!

Hi everybody, it’s Fujikawa 🙂 I’m going talk about air purifiers today, after learning about how the haze has been plaguing Singapore and Malaysia recently. I didn’t know much about it until I heard...


Which Phiten Accessory Should I Choose?

Hi everyone, it’s Fujikawa ^^ Today is a continuation of last week’s talk about Phiten, when we talked about how Phiten products can relieve stiff shoulders, body fatigue and alleviate stress. You’re probably asking...