Q&A: Effective Collagens, and Expiry Dates

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5 Responses

  1. Kyoko Katt says:

    Very interesting 🙂

  2. serene says:


    what brand of collagen will you recommend for dry skin. age 50

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Serene, for dry skin, we’d want to look for two things in collagen products: high collagen absorption and high moisture retention. Of course, there are other factors to consider, but these two are the basic factors for our decision.

      There are a number of products we can choose, for example SUNTORY Liftage, which is a trending product now. Its key ingredient includes proteoglycan, which is an ingredient that is better in moisture retention than hyaluronic acid.

      Another product that contains proteoglycan is SUNTORY’s Milcolla. It has a very high concentration of collagen, and encourages the natural production of collagen in the skin.

      We can also consider getting ASTALIFT Pure Collagen 10000, which contains nano-molecular collagens that is more easily absorbed by the body and skin.

      We would also recommend FANCL’s collagens, for example the FANCL HTC Collagen Tense Up EX. These collagens contain apple polyphenols, which are very strong anti-oxdants, to strengthen the skin against stress such as UV ray exposure.

      Hope this helps, and may you find the ideal collagen product~

  3. Sue says:

    Hi there, I have a couples boxes of two years expired gyaluron & collagens drink. Can I still use it?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Sue!
      I wouldn’t recommend you take something that has been expired for two years. Companies are sometimes overcautious when setting expiry dates, but two years is significant. The company would have made some calculation that determined that the product has either started to lose its effectiveness or become unsafe to take after that date. Since collagen is an animal product I would be even more careful.
      If you’re determined to try it, and the product is unopened and has been stored somewhere safely, you should check to see if the smell and texture is still normal before taking it.
      Personally, though, I think it’s better to be safe than sorry in this case. I’d suggest you write this one off as a loss 🙁

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