Are You A Fancler?

Fancl, the representative cosmetic and health brand from Japan. It is a brand that has such a strong following, so much so that fans calls themselves Fanclers. People overseas are highly aware of the brands’s preservative-free formulation, probably making it the biggest characteristic for Fancl. With such an awareness, Fancl might not see the need to hire famous celebrities to represent their brand, especially when compared to other brands who focus on using celebrities and fancy packaging (which makes Fancl unusual in that sense in Japan). While we may be able to buy their products on their online shop, at their Fancl stores, at convenience stores, and even at some drugstores, we will find that only some items are sold at convenience stores and drugstores.

Fancl products are also very popular among our Wonect customers, and thanks to that I myself have started to take an interest in Fancl products, and have learnt about many new products. Mild Cleansing Oil, Facial Cleansing Powder, Calorie Limit. There are so many outstanding products from Fancl.

But why exactly is Fancl able to gain popularity, and is so loved?

Today’s introduction was long, and together with fans of Fancl and those who have not used Fancl products before, we’re going to examine what makes Fancl so attractive.

Preservative-Free Products

“Preservative-Free” is the representative phrase of the Fancl brand. A lot of cosmetics use preservatives to prevent degradation, but Fancl declares that it does not use any preservatives, flavouring, colouring, oil-derived surfactants, or UV absorbents. It also removes any substance that obstructs skin beauty, using strictly selected ingredients in the formulations.

Recently, there is an increase in number of brands declaring their products to be preservative-free, including cosmetics and food. However, to be honest, we tend to think, “Sure it’s good for the image of the brand, but how do I know that it is really free of preservatives?” It is easy to think that “preservative-free” means “additive-free”, but it does not mean that the former includes the later. It means “certain additives are not in the formulation”. Yet, “preservative-free” means different things in different products. When you see that phrase don’t just believe it, be sure to look at the details too!

(I’m repeating this point, but Fancl declares that it does not use any preservatives, flavouring, colouring, oil-derived surfactants, or UV absorbents.)

Proof of Fancl’s obessesion for “Preservative-free”

1) Small containers

Anyone who has touched the products already know this, but Fancl’s products are small in size. Fancl 30ml lotions can easy fit into one’s palms. The lack of preservatives means it’s difficult to keep when compared to other products, so they are made for one month usages.

2) Tight sealed to ensure quality

To protect the quality until it is opened, the package is tightly sealed. Some products come with an orange ring when you purchase them. When opening them, the orange ring is removed, the cap is turned and the protective cap will be broken, allowing the lotions to come out.

Are You A Fancler?


The attention to details is just admirable (^^)

3) Indication of manufacturing date, freshness period

While there are alot of Japanese products that do not indicate manufacturing date or expiry date, Fancl marks the manufacturing dates and freshness period clearly on their products. The freshness periods are determined by Fancl to be the how long the quality will remain unchanged.

Fancl’s obsession with keeping their products preservative free is Fancl’s consideration for us. You can almost feel the manufacturer’s kindness when you hold their products in your hands (^^)

I may have piqued your interest in Fancl just a little, but what to start with? If you are wondering about this, how about having a look at Fancl’s homepage for their daily product ranking for a reference?

The products ranking as of 10 August:

Number 1: FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil

Are You A Fancler?

If you want to try any Fancl products, this is the one to go for. It is able to cleanse makeup including waterproof types without needing to rub. It cleanses the skin while maintaining the the moisture. Give the sensation of effortless makeup removal a try.

Number 2: FANCL Whitening Mask

Are You A Fancler?

This mask has a serum that contains whitening ingredients, and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It’s an item you’d want to use on days when you are out in the sun after a long period of time.

Number 3: FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate

Are You A Fancler?

This is made perfectly for anyone who wants to fight aging – the pinnacle of Fancl’s anti-aging series. It replenishes the collagen in the skin, corrects dull skin, and helps retain the moisture in the skin for a clear look!

Number 4: FANCL Aging Care Facial Cream

Are You A Fancler?

(update: FANCL has brought the anti-aging products into the BC series. You can find more information about this in our future articles!)

This is recommended for anyone for thinks it’s too soon to fight anti-aging. It is good against dull skin, and exfoliates to help your skin achieve one tone brighter!

(This is the product I am most interested in ^▽^ )

Number 5: Active Conditioning Ex Emulsion II (Moist)

Are You A Fancler?

This is recommended for anyone who wants to get plump, bouncy skin. Formulated with active ceramide and collagen to help you achieve that look! It can be used by many skin types, including normal, combination and dry skins.

Today I have introduced the attractiveness of Fancl, which comes from not just the phrase “Preservative-free”, but also the consideration for us that is put into the packaging and indication of the freshness period. It is not just a product we use because “everyone else is using it”, but it is understanding that the product is the most suitable for us that is the most important!

If there is any other product you are curious about, drop us a query anytime (^^) (whether it’s the directions on usage, or any explanations that you need)

Extra info for Fancl fans!

It seems that Fancl is developing a new brand! It’s called Beauty Bouquet, and will be something that will be hard to guess. Be sure to keep abreast of this!!!!

Are You A Fancler?

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Wonect Fujikawa


2 thoughts on “Are You A Fancler?

  • 2016年8月17日 at 12:12 AM

    Oh my, I don’t know where to start as there are so many items that I love from Fancl! I’ve been using Fancl for years. My favourite items are the Mild Cleansing Oil, Washing Powder and the Whitening range. I simply can’t live without Fancl!

  • 2016年8月18日 at 9:55 PM

    I have been using Fancl for so many years! Super love the mild cleansing oil that removes makeup thoroughly. I’m also using the liquid foundation bright up UV as well as the loose powder. Recently I have started using whitening lotion and emulsion, and also essence! Simply love the product for its packaging and freshness. 🙂


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