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  1. Kt says:

    Thanks so much for the article on this product! I’m currently living in Japan and have super fine, curly hair. In the outside of Japan it is difficult to find shampoos that clean without stripping away oils, and conditioners that moisturize without sitting heavy on my hair afterwards. I don’t use after-care products or blow dry my hair–because the atmosphere in Japan is too damp, and even if I were to straighten and spray my hair, it would still find a way to curl within a few hours.

    So, I often buy different shampoos and conditioners/ treatments to try out, and recently purchased the moist brand of Botanist. I love it so much! And I always get wary about liking only one product because of how quickly products will cycle out–so I hope this one is here to stay! I shower every morning on work days, and I use it every time. The scent is lovely but not clingy, so my hair doesn’t overwhelm me with scent all day long. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling detangled and the treatment allows my natural-air-dry curls to curl without frizzing up or tangling into tiny knots.

    I often comb conditioners through my hair before washing them out–it helps me collect stray hairs before they go down the drain, but also helps me keep an eye on how much hair I’m shedding regularly. When I started to use this product, after about the third day, the amount of hair my comb collected was noticeably more than usual, and at first, I was worried. But then I realized that it’s just because the product really gets to more of my hair strands and treats them better than other products and is better able to separate other hair that has gotten tangled together.

    I do imagine this not being the most penetrating or long-lasting product for people with stronger hair, and for those who find their scalps not staying clean–either wash your hair more, try a dry shampoo in between washes, or use clarifying shampoo and a favorite clay treatment every couple weeks or so to help your hair and scalp start normalizing and getting used to less chemicals/ synthetics in your hair products.

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