Japanese Shampoos for Female Hair Loss

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  1. Amber says:

    I’ve tried using scalp-d beaute shampoo before but it caused my scalp to be very very oily to the point where it has the oily odor.

  2. Yuki Tsumori says:

    Do you sell this product on your website?
    My Nature Mutenka Scalp care shampoo?
    And cost?
    Also the above review from Amber is referring My Nature Mutenka Scalp care Shampoo?

  3. Fion Liew says:

    Hi, can you recommend the hair products for oily scalp along with hair thinning issues? Thanks!

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Fion, for oily scalp, we’d look for shampoo that are good against excess sebum. Hair pore clogging is very common for oily scalp, and proper washing will clear the clog, and allow the scalp and hair to absorb nutrients.

      We can go for amino-acid based shampoos too, for example the Scalp D Beaute Shampoo and My Nature Mutenka Scalp Care Shampoo. Here you can find more choices for amino-acid based shampoos, though MUCOTA Adllura Aire is really popular among our customers~ Soap-based is good too, but remember to get a rinse together with it.

      After the oily scalp is properly washed, you may want to use hair tonic and/hair growth formulas to give more nutrients to the scalp. This will help with hair thinning issues. Here are 3 types of hair/scalp products that you can consider, including the long-standing and beloved brand, Yanagiya.

      Hope these will give you a headstart on searching for the ideal product for you~

      [edited for grammar]

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