Which MUCOTA DYNA Treatment Should I Choose?

MUCOTA DYNA Treatment Feature

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4 Responses

  1. Charm says:

    Hi! Where can I buy Mucota Dyna in Japan? I will go there in May 2017 and hopefully I can buy their hair treatment. Is it available in any of the drugstores in Japan? I am not comfortable buying online.
    Thank you so much in adavance for your reply. Have a great day!

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Charm! MUCOTA DYNA is a salon-oriented product, which means you will not be able to purchase it from normal drugstores. We’d suggest “Buy it from us!”, but if you are not comfortable buying online, we’ll drop the self-promotion haha. However, if there is something I can do help you to put your mind at ease about purchasing online, you are free to email me at r.ong {@} wonect.com and let me know. Even if it a torrent of questions, we’ll gladly be of service. 🙂

      Of course, we are located in Kyoto, so buying offline is still possible! 😀

  2. Evonne says:


    What is the difference between mucota aire 01 and 02 shampoo? I have damaged hair from years of rebonding as well as very tangled hair. I wrote a question on the other blog post but forgot to mention I think I have a dry scalp as my scalp often itches. I have no dandruff though, only itchy scalp.

    After reading the blog posts, which was super informative btw, I still could not choose between dyna or aire treatment. I hope to hear your recommendation for me.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Evonne, thank you for your question!
      Aire 01 is mainly for thin, soft hair, and Aire 02 is mainly for thick, hard-to-control hair.
      While they are not focusing on scalp health, 01 tends to be gentler on the scalp.

      DYNA is for hair straightening, while Adllura is for hair care, so you should be choosing which need you’ll be fulfilling 😀

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