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  1. Charm says:

    Hi! Where can I buy Mucota Dyna in Japan? I will go there in May 2017 and hopefully I can buy their hair treatment. Is it available in any of the drugstores in Japan? I am not comfortable buying online.
    Thank you so much in adavance for your reply. Have a great day!

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Charm! MUCOTA DYNA is a salon-oriented product, which means you will not be able to purchase it from normal drugstores. We’d suggest “Buy it from us!”, but if you are not comfortable buying online, we’ll drop the self-promotion haha. However, if there is something I can do help you to put your mind at ease about purchasing online, you are free to email me at r.ong {@} wonect.com and let me know. Even if it a torrent of questions, we’ll gladly be of service. 🙂

      Of course, we are located in Kyoto, so buying offline is still possible! 😀

  2. Evonne says:


    What is the difference between mucota aire 01 and 02 shampoo? I have damaged hair from years of rebonding as well as very tangled hair. I wrote a question on the other blog post but forgot to mention I think I have a dry scalp as my scalp often itches. I have no dandruff though, only itchy scalp.

    After reading the blog posts, which was super informative btw, I still could not choose between dyna or aire treatment. I hope to hear your recommendation for me.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Evonne, thank you for your question!
      Aire 01 is mainly for thin, soft hair, and Aire 02 is mainly for thick, hard-to-control hair.
      While they are not focusing on scalp health, 01 tends to be gentler on the scalp.

      DYNA is for hair straightening, while Adllura is for hair care, so you should be choosing which need you’ll be fulfilling 😀

  3. Rose Kim says:

    Hi Fujikawa San

    Two weeks ago I have done soft rebonding and the two side of my hair had damaged (when the hair is wet is become curly like rubber but when the hair is dry it become very hard). I want to know whether
    I can use ” Mucota Dyna CA” & “Mucota After” to do treatment to make the hair straight and soft?
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Rose, in theory, yes you can use DYNA CA for maintaining for perhaps even DYNA CAT for highly damaged hair. However, you might like to like a professional have a look at your hair condition, to understand how far the damage is. You may need to repair the damage with lots of moisturising before attempting to do such an intensive treatment.

  4. Val says:

    Hi ,does mucota hair products contain silicon?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Val, we just contacted MUCOTA for clarification on this point.
      There is no silicon in DYNA CAT and CA.
      However, DYNA CCA contains dimethicone and amodimethicone, and DYNA AFTER contains amodimethicone ingredients.

  5. Zhong says:

    Hi Wonect Team, I have previously tried a MUCOTA treatment in a salon in Australia. The effect is good as my hair is naturally frizzy and badly damaged. However, each treatment in the salon costs me more than 300AUD. So I am wondering if I can apply some MUCOTA treatment myself at home on a more regular basis. In the salon, I do not really know which MUCOTA series that they have applied on me, but basically there were 4 steps throughout the treatment. Which ones would you recommend? And could I purchase them from your side? Also, I am currently using KEUNE shampoo, hair mask and conditioner. I find that these products are able to somewhat maintain my hair conditions, however, these products could not turn my frizzy and dry hair into smoother and straighter hair. Do you think I should switch and use MUCOTA products instead? I would sincerely like to hear more from you soon. Thanks.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Zhong, we don’t really know the cause of your hair damage, and the best way would be to target the cause, so your hair may become less frizzy and less damaged. However, yes, you can purchase MUCOTA treatments to do DIY at home! We have a number of customers who purchase these treatments to do it at home, and MUCOTA offers Home-Care versions for some of their products.

      The difficulty comes in that we don’t know which treatment you are looking for. If you follow the link, you will see that there are different series under MUCOTA. However, if you can recall a name or shape/colour of the bottles the salon uses, you might be able to identify which one it is!

      Also remember that many of these are salon products. Depending on which product or stated otherwise, you may not want to do it too often, as some of these treatments put high stress on the hair and scalp.

      For reference, the most popular series is Adllura Aire, followed by DYNA. Hope this will give you a reference to choosing the treatment you are looking for!

  6. rachael says:

    Hi, can I use Dyna mucota to remove frizzy hair but at the same time maintain my curl? I have just perm my hair but frizzy

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Rachael, you do not want to use DYNA for maintaining curls! DYNA is a high-grade hair straightener, that breaks down and reforms protein in the hair to straighten it. Instead, if you’re interested in MUCOTA’s products, you may want to consider using Adllura Aire (article here), especially with 09, a leave-on treatment for curly hair that is very popular among our customers. We’d also suggest getting a high-moisturising hair care product, in case the frizzy hair comes from high hair damage.

  7. Teh says:

    Hi I rebonded my hair 1yr plus ago and now my hair grows out to be wavy curly on the upper head. I dun color my hair it’s black. Which Mucota Dyna treatment should I buy? Please advise. Thank u

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Teh, in that case you’d want to look at CAT or CCA. CA was made in mind for hair that is highly damaged (especially after treatments from colouring or rebonding). Between CAT and CCA, you may choose according to your hair condition. If it’s hard-to-control, stiff, or you suspect some damage, then CAT is suitable (worry not about no colouring on your hair). If it’s healthy and softer, you can go for CCA. Hope this reference is useful!

  8. tiasa says:

    Hi, is Mycota Treatments like Rebonding or its like a treatment? Which is better? Mucota or Keratin Treatments?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Tiasa, I’m not sure of your question, but I think I have the gist of it, which is: whether MUCOTA DYNA treatment is for rebonding, and how it compares with keratin treatments?

      MUCOTA DYNA is a hair treatment for rebonding. MUCOTA treatment is a product, Kertain treatment is amethod, so we can’t compare them like this. As we understand, kertain treatment is done by protecting the hair with a coat before straightening. MUCOTA DYNA, on the other hand, breaks down the protein bonds in the hair before reforming (thus straightening the hair). As such, these treatments usually come in sets, one for breakdown, another for reforming.

  9. shar says:


    I have recently had done the MUCOTA DYNA treatment to my curly hair, because i was told it was simply an “argan oil treatment”. I didn’t realise i would lose all my curls, and i’m very upset by it as i was looking to just reduce frizz. Is there any way to undo the treatment? If not, how long do i have to wait before I’m able to perm my hair?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Shar, so sorry to hear your curls were affected! ? DYNA is a hair straightening treatment, aimed at giving natural looking straight hair. We’re afraid there’s no way to undo the treatment, because this treatment rearranges the hair protein into a straight structure.

      Also, your hair is recovering from hair damage now. The rearranging of hair proteins involved breaking the structure and then reforming the proteins (that is why we use two products for a complete DYNA treatment.) In consensus, it takes a minimum four weeks for a bare minimum recovery, but we’d always add a buffer, and suggest 6-7 weeks before going for another hair treatment, ie perming. If you are concerned, you may want to get the advice of a hairdresser, so they can look at your hair up close and will be able to provide a good assessment.

  10. Laura says:


    Is it possible for me to buy mucota treatment (3 or 4 steps) products?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Laura, yes you can purchase from the Wonect store, you may explore the various currencies for the one you want too. I believe you are looking for DYNA AFTER (do correct me if I’m mistaken). However, note that you cannot use AFTER by itself. It must be paired with a “First Type” DYNA product.

  11. Cynthia Hee says:

    Hi. In Singapore, salon are selling mucota DYNA rebonding and mucota DYNA treatment. Is there any difference or DYNA treatment is already straightening treatment.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Cynthia, the DYNA treatment requires two products– they could be referring to the Dyna CCA/CAT/CA products as “rebonding” and Dyna After as the “treatment”?

  12. Alexis says:

    Hi, thanks for all the information. I don’t like straight hair, and I was wondering instead of using a straightening iron, what would happen if I use curling tongs instead? Thanks!

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Alexis, we think that it won’t useful ie the effect from the curl is not going to be as good. This is because of how DYNA works: it breaks down the protein structure of the hair and reforming it in a straightened fashion, so DYNA is optimised for straight hair. That say, we won’t be surprised if some professional hairstyler can work magic with the right tools! ??

  13. Tanti says:

    Hello Wonect Team,

    I just bought and applied the CCA and DYNA after on Juni 30, 2018 to my curly wavy hair. Sadly, it doesn’t work to my hair, nothing change and it just still the same just like before I applied the treatment.

    I already followed the steps mentioned by Mucota. After shampooing my hair, I dried it using hair dryer (Do I make some mistake by drying it using hair dryer? Or the hair condition should be towel dry hair that means still wet? Please do correct if I’m mistaken).

    After that, I applied the CCA, left it for 30 minutes, washed it and dried using hair dryer, and straighten my hair using flat iron with 160 celcius degree (What’s the best temperature to dry my hair?). And then I applied the dyna after and left it for 30 minutes, dried it and voilaaa nothing change to my hair..

    I don’t know why it doesn’t work to my hair.
    Did I pick the wrong product that is suitable to my hair? Should it be CAT?
    Or did I make mistake in applying the product?

    If CAT is the most suitable product to my hair, within what time I could apply it again to my hair?
    Is it possible within a week or maybe 2 weeks after the first treatment?

    Please give me the advice.

    Thank you so much for your help and I’m looking forward to your answer.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Tanti, I’m so sorry you had that experience!
      Since everyone’s hair is different it’s hard to say for sure, but I think it’s safe to say that the CCA was the right choice out of the three first step treatments. Did you see any results at all or was your hair exactly the same?
      It’s possible that the step 1 treatment needed a little extra time to work (if your hair is naturally curly it’s possible it needed more time to soften.) A slightly hotter hair iron might have been needed too.
      Another possibility is that because Mucota is a Japanese company, where the majority of people have naturally straighter hair, this product just didn’t react well with the particular thickness or texture of your hair. Which is so disappointing, I know!
      This is jut my opinion, but I wouldn’t try again with DYNA– from the way you’ve described it, it sounds like you followed the instructions very carefully! It’s possible you might need a slightly different formulation for your hair and I’d hate for you to waste time and money again. It might be a good idea to contact a local salon for some advice?

  14. Jenny says:

    Hi. I have rebonded my hair more than a year ago so 3/4 of my hair is virgin hair and 1/4 is rebonded hair. If I use CCA, do I have to apply on the 3/4 first then do the 14 at the last 5 min, like what the stylists do for rebonding or can I just apply all at once.

    And also, is there any risk of over/under processing for this product? Thanks.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Jenny, thanks for your question!
      I would consider using the CA treatment instead of the CCA, since it’s actually designed for people with rebonded hair. You can also use CCA on the virgin hair and CA on the ends. In either case, just apply it all at once.

      There is a risk of over or under processing so you do need to follow the instructions and keep checking the hair every 7-10 minutes to see how it’s progressing. You can do two tests to work out whether or not the hair has softened enough:

      1. Wrap a strand of hair around your finger. When you let it go it should slowly slip away from the finger rather than immediately rebounding away. (It’s a good idea to test how your hair normally reacts when you wrap it around your finger before you start the treatment so you can compare.)
      2. Gently pull at the hair near your scalp: it should stretch like a rubber band. When it can stretch to about 150% of its length it should be ready to move on to the next step.

      Thanks for reading!

  15. Jean says:

    Hi, I had tired mucota scena in the salon and liked how it helped improved the dryness of my hair texture; my hair is regularly coloured and rebonded at roots. Will like to know besides price point, what is the difference between scena & DYNA? which should I consider to get as home care?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Jean, thanks for your comment!
      Mucota DYNA is designed to straighten hair– it actually breaks down some of the bonds in the hair to soften it in the first step, so when you straighten your hair and then set the effect with DYNA After it will stay that way for six months. It’s similar to a rebonding treatment but considered to be gentler and safer because it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde or ammonia.
      Mucota Scena repairs hair like DYNA but it isn’t a straightening treatment. Like you experienced in the salon, it’s designed to reintroduce a lot of components that are missing in damaged hair for a really deep treatment.
      I’d only recommend DYNA if you expressly want straight hair. If you’re just looking to continue to maintain your colored hair I’d recommend you just stick with the Scena treatment!
      Hope that helps!

  16. Amy says:

    Hi there, I am 13 weeks pregnant. I am wondering if it’s safe to do the Mucota treatment (I think its Mucota ScenaTreatment) not DYNA. The hairdresser showed me the bottle they use, it’s labeled ‘Mucota – A1 and Mucota A2’ it’s a 3 step method to nourish my hair with a steamer. Your thoughts? The salon said no issues … But I would like a second opinion. Thank you!

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Amy!
      From my research I can’t find definitive answer about whether or not the Mucota Scena treatment is safe to use during pregnancy. This product is just a repairing treatment, so it seems unlikely it will contain anything too dangerous, and I can’t see any warnings about using it while pregnant on the packaging.
      Just as a reference point, Mucota DYNA, which is a straightening treatment that actually changes the structure of the hair, is ammonia and formaldehyde free and is considered safe for pregnancy, which makes me suspect Scena is most likely safe too.
      All that said, I don’t think it’s worth taking any risks if you feel unsure. I’d recommend you run the ingredient list by your doctor and see what they say first!
      All the best with your pregnancy!

  17. Shinneh says:

    Do they have one for wavy hair? I just want to remove the frizz

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Shinneh, no you’ll lose the waviness if you use this! 😱 MUCOTA DYNA is a hair straightening treatment, with the difference being type of hair and amount hair damage.

      However, I think you are looking for the other MUCOTA line, the Adllura Aire! It includes different shampoos and treatments for different hair types, including wavy hair. here you will find a chart that will be very useful to select which ones is suitable for you. 👍👍

  18. CPS says:

    How often can I do the DYNA treatment? Every 2-3 months?

  19. Shannen says:

    Hello! How long can the open packaging last since each treatment can last 4 to 6 months?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Shannen, that’s a very good question! I’ve had a really good hunt for the answer but I’ll have to try and get my hands on an actual bottle from our warehouse to check what it says and get back to you. Because these are a salon product I imagine they’re designed to be turned over fairly quickly, but on the other hand I can’t find any warnings either. I’ll try and find out for you, but in the meantime you can also contact Mucota directly in English here!

  20. Eve says:

    Did dyna 4 months ago before & my hair is has grown & is fizzy. Can i just use CA on the whole head including the end whichs have already rebonded?

    Do not want to have straight hair. Can i did the entire dyna process of without ironing my hair? What will bw the outcome

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi there, thanks for your comment!
      If you don’t want to straighten your hair, just repair it, I recommend you choose the Mucota Scena series instead. It’s designed to repair chemically treated and rebonded hair. I wouldn’t recommend doing the Dyna series out of order because it is designed to work together as a single treatment.
      I’m not sure what the outcome would be if you did it all without straightening the hair (but if you try it I’d love to know how it works out!)

  21. Gwen says:

    Hi, I have recently rebonded the top part of my hair and permed the ends with curls. May I know which products are good for daily use? I’m looking at a full set for example shampoo, conditioner and leave on/treatment. Do advice! Thanks.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Gwen!
      Could you let me know a little more about your hair type? Is it thin or thick, dry or more oily?
      You would want to avoid the Dyna range since it’s a straightening treatment, but the Mucota Aire line could be useful for caring for your treated hair — it’s a range for everyday use, and it’s very popular with our customers (and me!)
      I recently wrote an article about how to choose, but if you let me know about your hair type I can make suggestions too!
      All the best,

  22. Bell Tan says:

    Hi! The step 1 is after shampoo, towel dry then apply the CA/CCA or CAT.. towel dry is enough or need hair dryer ?

  23. Bell Tan says:

    Hi! The step 1 is after shampoo, towel dry then apply the CA/CCA or CAT.. towel dry is enough or need hair dryer ?

    I did my rebounding years back, can I use CA for my hair? Also, I am interested in CCA, as I know the DNYA treatment can last 4 to 6 mths so can I use CCA after 4 mths?

    Pls advise after 4 mths, if I will to use CCA or CA, do I use it in my entire hair or just the root of my newly grow hair?

  24. Bell Tan says:

    Hi! The step 1 is after shampoo, towel dry then apply the CA/CCA or CAT.. towel dry is enough or need hair dryer ?

    I did my rebounding years back, can I use CA for my hair? Also, I am interested in CCA, as I know the DNYA treatment can last 4 to 6 mths so can I use CCA after 4 mths?

    Pls advise after 4 mths, if I will to use CCA or CA, do I use it on my entire hair or just the root of my newly grow hair?

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