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Is HABA Squalane’s One Drop Skincare Routine Real?

HABA is a Japanese skincare brand known for their wide range of simple, preservative free formulations. Their most famous product is definitely their minimalist HABA Squalane facial oil. According to them, you can replace your...


Seasonal Skin Problems? Dr.Ci:Labo Prescribes Oxygen!

Is your skin lacking oxygen? This might not be a question you’ve considered before! We’ve been hearing about oxygen bars in San Francisco and hyberbaric oxygen tanks in Tokyo, but is it a useful skincare...


Transino Clear Wash Facial Cleanser Review

Hi everyone! The product I’m reviewing today is Transino Clear Wash Facial Cleanser. This cleanser is part of the popular Transino skin whitening line that includes products from supplements to sheet masks. Let’s see how this...