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Japanese skin care

This category is the biggest one we’ve got on Wonect.Life, and for good reason too. It is not doubt that Japanese skin care is highly sought after, because of its belief in natural beauty. We can see many Japanese brands follow this concept too. 

While we introduce, compare and review Japanese skin care products, you’ll come across many familiar names, including Shiseido, Suntory, FANCL, KOSE, Sekkisei, Asahi, ORIHIRO, DHC. From time to time, you’ll also find “hidden treasures” like Naturie and Saborino!

If you have dry skin or sensitive skin, then be sure to check out gentle Japanese skincare products. These products can come from MINON, FANCL etc to ensure stimulation is low on the skin, and able to care for it without unnecessary stress. 

Jump into these skin care articles right away! Set the foundation for your beautiful skin with masks, lotions, serums, collagens, cleansers and many, many more!


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