Pig Collagen vs Fish Collagen: What Brand Contains Which?

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  1. Usman M. says:

    Hi guys….do you know if Shiseido aqulabel cream uses pig, or fish, collagen?



  2. Leng says:

    What is the difference between the Asashi Perfect Collagen vs the Asashi Perfect Collagen Premium?

  3. Leng says:

    Sorry …. forgot second question!
    I have a lot of pain in back and knees. Which brand collagen is high in “type 2” collagen which is recommended for joints.
    Thank you.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Leng, thank you for the questions!

      >> Difference between Perfect Asta Collagen and Perfect Asta Collagen PREMIUM RICH

      As you would already figured out the Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen Premium Rich (what a mouthful!) is the “upgraded version”, with additional ingredients such as placenta essence, ceramide, bird nest essence, and royal jelly. Both products still have low molecular collagen, hyaluronic acid, the ever-important Vitamin C, Co-enzyme Q10 etc.

      The Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen Premium Rich seems to be the better product, but don’t buy it just yet! Because you need to choose what is the most useful for you. For example, if you are already taking alot of other supplements that contain ceramide, you are probably going to have to ask, “Do I really want more?” On the other hand, if the collagen is the only supplement you are taking, then the Premium Rich is going to give a boost in your beauty routine.

      Also, the Perfect Asta Collagen is pig-based collagen, while the Premium Rich collagen is derived from both pig and fish.

      >> Collagen Type II?

      Regarding the collagen types (I, II and III), do note that Japanese collagens are focused on beauty. This means the manufacturers do not differentiate between the collagen types mentioned (not yet anyway, the trend is being tested in Japan now), and the effects on joints are not measured. However, both Perfect Asta collagens also contain glucosamine, which are great for joint health. We’d recommend either collagen, but not as the sole supplement for joints. (I too have joint pains especially in the knees, so what I do is take both collagen and glucosamine. Sharing it as a reference :D)

      Finally, we are attaching two links here, in case you’d like to look at the ingredients of the two collagens:
      Perfect Asta: https://goo.gl/mn8hQZ
      Perfect Asta Premium Rich: https://goo.gl/a2tiws

      Hope this helps in clarifying any doubts you have! 🙂

  4. Aida says:

    Hi! Do you know if the DHC supplements contain pig by product (lard or gelatin) to make the coating if the capsules? I just bought a lot of DHC pills of various types (collagen, rose hip oil and pueraria) without knowing how to read japanese but the store assistant said it’s vegetarian friendly. Please help to find out for me as I can’t take pig derived substance (i’m a muslim). I dont want it (or my money) to go to waste!

    Thank you in advance.

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Aida! Let us help you check, so they won’t go to waste! 🙂
      Is it possible to provide us the list of products you have purchased? (if there’s no english title, you may take photos and send us the photos through the email r.ong@wonect.com).
      Very often, different products will have different formulation, even though they may be from the same brand.
      We’ll check each item’s ingredients.

      And are you the same lady who asked about Chocola BB on our youtube video?
      If so, we are still waiting for a reply from Chocola BB to confirm some of the ingredients! 🙂

  5. sam says:

    hello ,my name Sam,as you know brands of collagen from japan,by any chance do u know something about Omono collagen drink that is also from japan,if u do not mind can you share some history or how u think about this brand .there is not much information about this brand Omono .thanks

  6. Yoon says:

    Hi how about astalift collagen powder. From which animal

  7. Elle says:

    Hello :). I wanted to ask if the gelatin in DHC Collagen is from a pork or from a fish? Thank you so much!

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Elle! The one we have introduced in the article is fish-derived (according to the DHC’s website), but it’s only for this series! DHC has other collagen products that may use pork collagen instead.

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