Collagen Drinks Comparison: Meiji versus Shiseido

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4 Responses

  1. Catarina says:

    Thank you for your review on these products! I am now in Japan and decided I should give it a try but it was getting hard to choose between collagen drinks and powder… I am definitely going for the drinks option now.

  2. Halle says:

    Hi there ,
    Thanks for sharing. Could you help me to pick which type is good for 34 years old? The collagen, collagen EX or enriched?

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Halle, that’s a seemingly simple question, but the more we thought about it, the deeper it got! You see, it is not so much about our age. We know that we start losing collagen content in our skin from 25 years old onwards, so collagen supplements are always welcomed for ages after 25.

      However, there are other considerations to think about, like the current state of our skin.
      Is it in tip-top condition? Then perhaps we can go for Shiseido The Collagen to play the role of maintenance, with the added benefit for body care.
      Is it in less than ideal condition, eg skin gets exposed to external stress due to nature of work? Then we’d want to something stronger like The Collagen EX or even The Collagen Enriched.

      Secondly, there’s also what you want The Collagen to do.
      Collagen drinks are considered “quick acting”, thus can be considered as something to pop open when you need a boost for an important event on the following day.
      Or perhaps you want something for the long run? If you are open to powder and tablet types, they are more economical for skin improvement and maintenance.

      Which brings us to the third point, cost!
      No doubt EX is more expensive than the standard The Collagen, and Enriched is more expensive than EX. If our skin condition doesn’t require it, getting Enriched is probably not needed, thus we can consider the cheaper options.

      Ultimately, I would suggest considering your priorities!
      Is your skin very stressed, and you’d like something to take for improvement? Perhaps you’d want to take Enriched first, then when your skin has improved, you can switch to EX, or even The Collagen.
      Is budget the key factor? Then you may want to start with The Collagen first, before diving into EX and Enriched. Do consider the non-drink types for long-term cost!
      Are you exploring collagen options across brands to find one that works best for you? Maybe starting with The Collagen makes for better comparison with other brands.

      Hope this has been useful! 😄


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