Japanese Skincare: Understanding Quasi Drugs and Cosmetics

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  1. Pisey says:

    I would like to ask that can Quasi drug use as daily skincare? I currently use Kose Comeport Moisture Mild White for my acne prone skin. I have kinda oily and sensitive skin. Is Miosture Mild White considered as Quasi drug or not?

    • Hi Pisey, yes quasi drug cosmetics can be used on a daily basis. And yes, the products under the Moisture Mild White series are considered quasi drugs. Basically, you should be looking out for side effects. It sounds like you are using it without any concerns, even when you have sensitive skin~ This is the ideal case, where the quasi drug is not too strong for your skin, while giving you all the benefits you need.

  2. Shiji Mathew says:

    Hi There, I would like to ask if toothpaste can be a quasi drug or a cosmetic ?

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