Chocola BB: Fights Skin Troubles & Ulcers, for Beauty

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  1. Wan Feng says:

    Hi, can Chocola BB Collagen be taken daily with Lucent C?

    • Hi Wan Feng, thank you for your question! It's not impossible, but we suggest you consider the amount of Vitamin Bs that you are intaking daily. Chocola BB is first and foremost a supplement to approach skin concerns, that is why their Vitamin B content are high. If you are also taking other supplements or Vitamins, you'd want to check your daily Vitamin dosage. 🙂

      • Tin says:

        Hi can choca BB helps in losing weight? How much tablet can I take in a day?

        • Hi Tin! Chocola BB isn't designed as a weight loss aid, but it does contain vitamins and minerals that might be good to supplement for your general health if you're dieting! You should take 1 tablet two times a day. The body can only absorb so many vitamins at a time, so I'd recommend you just stick to that dose 🙂

  2. Amie says:

    Can asthma patient take BB Chocola plus?

    • Hi Amie,
      Since everyone's asthma triggers are different I'd recommend you talk to your doctor! Chocola BB Plus is basically a vitamin supplement I think it's likely it's OK, but it's best to be safe 🙂 You can find a list of the ingredients in English here if you need them!

  3. Alisha says:

    Hi, is there a difference in Chocola BB and Chocola BB Pure (other than ingredients)? I have acne problems and heard many recommendations to try this but not sure which is suitable. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Alisha,
      If you're looking for help with acne, I would go with Chocola BB Pure. Other products in the lineup have ingredients that can help with acne too, but the "Pure" version is the one specifically designed for acne and similar skin problems 🙂

  4. Mae says:

    Hi Alisha, compared to Liftage. How well does the Chocola BB Collagen work?

    • Mae says:

      Sorry, i meant Ms Fujikawa.

    • Hi Mae! Rebecca here. (Harumi who wrote this article has left us sadly!)
      Do you mean the Chocola BB collagen in tablet form, or drink form? There are quite a few types in the Chocola BB series, so if you let me know what you're after at I can look into it more for you!

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