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Japanese sunscreens

There are a number of reasons why Japanese sunscreens are  highly popular in the world. It can be quite amazing to think how many types we can choose from and according to our own needs. Personally, we might prefer them over what is available elsewhere in the world!

And even though UV protection seem to be measured differently with SPF and PA, we have you covered! We talk about the differences, and you’ll learn to be assured how well your sunscreen works, even though the number might seem smaller…!

Furthermore, UV protection doesn’t only come in sunscreens! To cut down on the number of steps in your beauty routine, Japanese cosmetics often have UV protection in them too! We also talk about why these UV protection cosmetics are often favourited over normal sunscreens.

If you are not sure where to start, you may begin by reading the two that most people know of – Biore UV sunscreens and Anessa sunscreen!


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Kose Sports Beauty UV Wear

Guys… Kyoto is boiling hot recently (◎_◎;) Every day it’s 38 degrees or above. But recently Gion Matsuri was held – one of the most important festivals in Japan. During the festival, these floats...


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Hey, everyone! This is not going to be a very long post, but still! We wanted to share Akane-san’s research on paraben free sunscreens! There are a number of customers who are asking about...