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18 Prohibited Curry Chips – Japanese Snack Review

The Wonect crew gathered around the table, casually discussing about food, with little attention paid to the 2 packs of 18 Prohibited Curry Chips. That would prove to be our folly. Mizuguchi-san (Wonect boss)...


Calbee Coriander Potato Chips Review

The office didn’t know how to react to the new coriander-flavoured potato chips from Calbee. It’s not the first time we’ve had a vegetable flavoured snack. Nori (seasweed) and matcha flavours have found their...


Japanese Umeboshi Review

One fine day, the Wonect boss says to us, “Let’s try umeboshi!” And our Taiwan colleague says, “No way. I’ll hate the taste.” Thus the Snack Review Series was born. Hi everyone! Wonect to...