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How to get rid of acne? How to get rid of pimples? Blackhead removal? What about acne prevention?


These articles will help you figure out the causes of acne. We also suggest Japanese products that matches your skin type too!


Six Japanese Selections to Eliminate Back Acne

Do you have confidence in your back? Our backs are usually covered by the clothing, thus easier to neglect back care than our face care. Neglected back care can lead to back acne, since...


Hello FANCL! Goodbye Acne!

Hi everybody, it’s Fujikawa ^^ Today it’s the fourth part of our Fancl Series, as we introduce to you their line of products for acne! As a matter of fact, when I got out...


Acne Checklist! From Oysters to Yoga to Handphones

With the weather seemingly getting warmer these days, we have prepared a short checklist for you to make sure you are taking care of yourselves, especially against acne! For sure it’s “short“, as there...


How Four Easy Massages Can Help You Fight Acne

Acne and Female Hormones, Part 2! Today, we introduce some pressure point massages that are effective in dealing with acne. You may be thinking, “What? Healing acne through massages?” Firstly, what is pressure point...

Got Acne? Eat Black Stuff and Smell Roses! 0

Got Acne? Eat Black Stuff and Smell Roses!

Acne is the forever bane in our lives. Instead of just dealing with them through medication and topical products, come explore the foods that you should be eating to tackle acne from within our...