UHA Kororo Gummy – Review by Starlet Shera

Translated from our Starlet’s review:

“Hi everyone 🙂 I am introducing UHA’s Kororo Gummies today!

Have you ever wondered what you should buy from Japan, what you should buy that won’t give you Buyer’s regret, or what you should eat there?
Certainly there are many items that are recommended, but you HAVE to at least try these Kororo Gummies once!
This is it, this… hahaha
This is something I have never tasted before. Highly recommended for gummy fanatics!
Kororo! The package shape looks a little clumsy and cute… hahaha It looks like there’s a lot of juice in them. The package is resealable after eating too! The gummies are made out of 100% muscat, and they smell really nice!
Such a cute packaging… hahah And even though there is a muscat taste, it seems like there is the normal taste of grapes too.
I’ve seen others putting this into their shopping carts a few times when I travel to Japan, but this is the first time I am trying this… hahah kya!
The Best Before date is clearly written at the bottom of the package, but the rest is in Japanese, and I don’t understand them. Well, there’s only one way to eat this… hahaha
Upon opening the package, these gummies look like they are alive… My blogger friend was quite mystified, saying, “It looks like real grapes!”
Ta-dah. Taking the gummies out, they look this cute… hahah
Are you sure they are not real grapes? There is a 90% synchronicity with the real thing! I was shocked for quite a while when I first saw it. “Aren’t these real grapes?”
Biting into them gives you a bouncy texture, while the muscat flavour fills your mouth.
I’m don’t particularly into eating gummies, but this is really good… hahah I like it that it is light in flavour.
Maybe I should try the grape flavour the next time *_*
Anyone going to Japan’s drugstore! You have to buy this! hahah It’s something you try once in your lifetime, and it’s a taste that no one will dislike. My blogger friend and I finished this at one go during tea time.
It’s cute, and it’s cheap! It’s also not bad to buy as a souvenir, and I’d recommend you get it when you go Japan!”
Starlet Shera

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