RMK Lip Jelly Gloss – Review by Starlet Xen

Extract from our Starlet’s review:

“I also received the RMK Lip Jelly Gloss in 04 Orange Pearl. This lip gloss is one of the top ranked beauty products on @Cosme for the first half of 2016 (read more here).

From their website- “A colour whose tone is so sheer, so pure, it positively bursts with lustrous juiciness! Our newly developed spatula allows you to apply a highly concentrated moisturizing gel in great abundance for full and captivating lips.” The applicator is rather unique, it’s a silicon foot which is kinda shaped like a spoon. It makes for easy application and I can easily clean it.

I wore it on bare lips and I found the formula to be moisturizing and whilst it was glossy it didn’t feel tacky or overly sticky. I liked that it made my lips plump and juicy, and there was micro-glitter (you can see it in the swatch above) but wasn’t visible once on unless I stared really closely. I could not detect any scent nor taste in the RMK Lip Jelly Gloss.”
Starlet Xen

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