Pure Smile Delicious Lip Cream – Review by Starlet Abigail

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So you have dreadful beauty habits that you want to change. Trust me, nothing’s going to change overnight. The best thing to do is begin with a small and totally manageable step.

2016 saw me juggle 7 different lip balms – a sorry tale of loss, replacement, grimly repeating the process, and suddenly being swamped during a rare Marie Kondo influenced spring clean. This year, I’m trying a different tactic, by placing three different lip balms in three locations I’m most likely to search for them – one in the bathroom, one on my bedside table, and one in my bag. Once I’m done with a lip balm, I put it back where it belongs.

I cart the Pure Smile Delicious Lip Cream in Roasted Sweet Potato with me throughout the day, mostly because I can’t get over how it smells exactly like my favourite sweet potato cake. I love it so much that I’m far more careful with it than I usually am about my lip balms, which is a great thing. Pure Smile is generally all about moist, plump skin with a dash of fun – think sheet masks that might help you role-play warring state factions, or Chinese New Year ready chicken print sheet masks. They have an extensive selection of different lip care products, but the Delicious Lip Cream range is one of their most popular. Right now, they’re completely out of stock for their Chocolate Mint, Caramel Popcorn, and Freshly Baked Bread flavours. The rest of the range include Corn Potage (Omg!), Apple Pie, and Hot Cakes.”
Starlet Abigail

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