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Is there an item which you will always buy when you go to Japan? There are some items which I always do, including Royce chocolate, Biore essence cream and the different shades of KATE cosmetics. Everytime I go to Japan’s drugstore I will also get Nivea’s Lip Balm.

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Previously when I went to Japan, I purchased the Peach and Grapefruit scents, but this time round there is a new discovery!

It’s an apple scent this time round. The packaging itself makes it look like it smells good, so let’s have a good look at it.

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The reasonable price makes this great as a souvenir or momento, without a worry for preference. Furthermore, it’s difficult to buy something that smells sweet, so it should be something everyone wants to get when they are in Japan.

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No matter how many times I look at it, the packaging is really about apples hahaha, anyone can imagine that it has an apple scent without even reading about it really the scent or not. What an understanding design hahahah It’ll be great if Korea can bring in the various scents in.

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The case is more convenient to use than previously. It’s an uncap-and-twist-to-use type, yet has a classy feel to it hahah though the price has increased compared to a few years back…

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It’s quite cute to carry around, easy to pop into the bag. Anyone who has not seen it before was wondering about the new Nivea item, and started to want them *_* hahah Looks like I’m going to have to buy to give them on my next trip to Japan hahahah

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Looking from the top, it’s in the shape of a water drop! The shape is really cute! It was previously circular, it seems that the design sense is not only in the package design, but the product itself too.

Is it just me, or has the amount decreased from before? *cold sweat*

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3.5g… Made in Japan… Even the address is written.

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Twisting everything out, it is of this length. With everyday use, you could probably go for more than 3 months. hahah But for me, no matter which lip balm I use, I have never finished any of them.

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There is no tint change. It is translucent when applied like normal lip balm, but has a slight scent that makes one feel good. It feels like it’s kinda tasty, so I tried to taste it… hahaha There wasn’t any taste to it. A vaseline taste? hahah Please do not eat this…

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A clumsy shot of my lips. hahah My lips aren’t in the shape of a heart, so I’m not suited for a lip shot. My lips originally have a certain colour to it, so the colour looks like this when I apply the lip balm. The second photo is after trying a little tint! Applied the slightest colour from benetint. If your lips are in a rough situation, you can’t go wrong with international brand Nivea. Perfect to tone the roughness down, and apply a tint after.

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For anyone going to Japan’s drugstore, please be sure to go and buy this. In fact, pleace go twice. hahaha The price is reasonable, and it’s very cute! The products stands up to comparison, making it great for comparison. I recommend this product.”

Starlet Shera

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