NIVEA Flavor Lip Delicious Drop – Review by Starlet Ddtory

Translated from our Starlet’s review:

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Good day! It’s Ddtory! 🙂

I have travelled to Japan twice for an interest in the country, and I am particularly interested in Japanese cosmetics.

This time I was selected as a Wonect ambassador, a Wonect Starlet. Wonect is derived from World + Connect = Wonect, and is a company that is interested in introducing Japanese products to the world. 5 bloggers were selected from Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, and I am very touched to be selected as one of the five.

What that means is that in the following 6 months, I will be introducing Japanese beauy products with Wonect. I’m very glad to have the opportunity to look at the current hottest items in Japan. I have received August’s items, and really wanted to share them with you!

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Today I would like to introduce the item I couldn’t remove from my wishlist when I was traveling in Japan, the Nivea Lip Balm. Nivea’s Peach Lip Balm is something that can only bought in Japan, but I shall have a look at the other scents!

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This is the “Nivea Mint Grapefruit Lip Balm”.

“Delicious Drop”? I suppose it means that that it means that a delicious scent will be released?”

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Turn over… it’s in Japanese! Since this is sold in Japan, there is no Korean descriptions. I’m uploading this for anyone who can read Japanese hahah

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The package design is different from Korea’s Nivea, isn’t it? It’s cute and steals my heart. Korea’s Nivea is boring.

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The mechanism of turning the dial to use the lip balm remains the same. Plenty of grapefruits and mint are drawn on it. Cute… hahahahah

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Just like drops of water, it looks like quite an amount in the tube. It also looks to be of pretty good quality. I don’t really use lip balms, but if you think that Korea’s lip balms are only mint in scent, then you will find Nivea to be a properly made lip balm, without any sense that something is missing.

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My lips are usually quite healthy, though here are my normal, dried lips.

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It’s quite easy to apply the lip balm along the shape of the lips since it’s shaped like inkstone. And the slight scent of grapefruit~~ and the slight scent of mint~~ >< Kya!!

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There is no sticky sensation, and it stays firmly on the lips. This lip balm is simply the best. hahahahahahah

The scent of grapefruitss is really, really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just one lip balm can transform your lips to give it a moistured look! I now understand why I had to put this into my shopping list for my Japan trip. Since I’ve never had rough lips, I never knew how important this is hahaha

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From what I know, the price is about 3-4 thousand won which is about the same price as the lip balm here in Korea, but this has smells fantastic. While the peach scent is up to one’s preference, grapefruit scent can be something that everyone can enjoy!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!! I don’t see why only the peach one is so popular while the grapefruit one is unheard of? It’s so good hahaha

The lip balm fulfils its original purpose of moisturising the lips, and the scent and case design is very cute, increasing the value of the item.

If the weather starts getting cold, this might just become my unbeatable item that would not leave my side *ㅅ* 笑笑 Kya kya the scent is really good ;ㅅ; I want to try the other scents including the peach one!

With that, I will bring to you some other items another time! There are essential items and cosmetics~ Please look forward to these six months that we have with Wonect. An-nyeong!”

Starlet ddtory

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