NIVEA Flavor Lip Delicious Drop – Review by Starlet Abigail

Extract from our Starlet’s review:

“Like Kit Kat, Nivea is a global brand, but all their best flavours can be found almost exclusively in Japan. The Nivea Flavor Lip Delicious Drop in Peach is lip smackingly good, with an alluring hint of vanilla. The moisturizing properties come from a blend of olive oil and plant-based squalane, and it’s definitely stopped my lips from cracking so much. I use it in the day because the lip cream comes with SPF 11, providing some degree of UV protection. The droplet-shaped tube is extraordinarily handy as well for navigating the contours of my lips, from cupid’s bow to the narrow inner corners, without overflowing onto the skin around my mouth. It’s a neat little solution, and one that save me the worry of having to swipe away little smears of grease.”

Starlet Abigail

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