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Heyo!!! Introducing the last product for November from the Wonect package.
It’s already a popular product in Japan, and is often said that this is one the must-buy items: the Kyusoku Jikan! Clap clap clap! ><

Normally we would use Kyusoku Jikan for the soles of the feet or the calves, but this is a new version! Or should I say it’s another version? 🙂 It’s a pressure point type sheet!

Kyusoku Jikan rests your tired feet! hahaha
We’ve comed upon a new world where we’d know that a person would be using this!

Each Kyusoku Jikan sheet has two sheets. Each contains five types of ingredients, allowing the time to pass by calmly. Ah, definitely need this whenever I go traveling hahaha

Pressing on the pressure points gives a cooling effect for the soles of the feet, like a wet cloth that encourages the blood circulation! The five different herbal ingredients makes it comfortable to wear and is gentle on the skin. It’s also easy to use because the size is just right for the sole of the feet! 🙂

Open it up just like this, and paste it directly onto the soles!

There are 12 sheets, sizes 12 x 9 cm each. I don’t think this is the big size package. And I don’t remember seeing this in Japan… ‘ㅅ’;;;

You will find that they are divided into 3 packs when you open the box. So there are 4 sheets in each pack? Maybe they did this prevent the rest from drying up hahaha

The packs feel like the boxes. Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve used Kyusoku Jikan +_+ Heart pounding.

I opened it up cleanly! Oh, it’s special when compared to the normal wet cloth, right? It looks a little like the Kyusoku Jikan that I’ve used before, certainly it’s different with the spots jutting out.

It’s the material of a cooling sheet, with the middle portion with pressure points bumps. It looks like it could be painful, but there is not a single sense of pain. It’s a gel type of sheet, so it has a bouncy feeling! hahahaha

Peel off the film just like this, and paste the side with the bumps on the sole of your feet. Note that although the normal Kyusoku Jikan can used on your calves, you cannot use this for your calves. It’s made specially for your soles!!!!

It fits about this size of foot. Also (I think those who have used Kyusoku Jikan before would know this), it is surprisingly easy to remove the patch…?

I would like to use this while I sleep, but sometimes I wake up realising that the patch would have comed off during sleep. This pressure point one has quite a good stickiness!! bb

It felt relieving upon placing the gel type cooling onto my soles. So refreshing, as though it has numbed my feet. If you stand up all day during work, or have walked a lot on a tiring day, this will remove all the fatigue off your feet! +_+

I was a little worried whether it’ll be painful using the pressure point sheets, but there wasn’t even a little pain when I walked around with the patches on. There were some pressure point sensation, but the feeling of loss of fatigue felt good. Personally, I am more interested in this pressure type Kyusoku Jikan than the normal one.

And this is how you fold and clip to secure the remaining sheet! I am going to Japan next week for a holiday, so I think I’ll be bringing this along! It’s great for relieving. Up till now I have been using Kyusoku Jikan only during the nights, but it seems it alright if I use it even when I go out during the day.

And oh, please use only use it for the legs, okay? Use it on other areas… and you’ll get burnt. I burnt myself the last time I pasted it on my shoulders. It was hell. And yet when you use it on the legs, it feels good because it is cooling. Why is that?! Please use the Kyusoku Jikan on your fatigued feet, and have yourself a comfortable night!”

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