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Wonect’s second item from October’s package is here! 😀 This time it’s a mask pack! Like Korea, Japan has a wide variety of masks. There’s some fun in that! To choose, to use and have fun! Kya kya ‘3’)//


:: Yunos Wrap Mask Pack ::


It is a very thin sheet wtih high mositursing effect 🙂 There are three sheets in one package!


The moisturising ingredients hyaluronic acid and royal jelly are formulated into the mask pack to provide moisture and nutritions when they are used.


Here is the masks’ unique point: you can either use it hot or cold!! +_+ You can put it in the fridge and use it as a cooling face mask, or even use it warm as you dip yourself in a hot bath tub! Amazing, right?! XD

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Taking it out of the box. There doesn’t seem to have a big difference in packaging when compared with the normal mask sheets.

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I got an impression that the mask was a hydrogel sheet from looking at the package, but it looks just like a normal mask sheet. There is also a think film between the masks. Be sure to remove it before using it!


The mask sheet is really big. The shape seems a little weird… (it’s not because I have a small face) The nose part also has a long piece of sheet, so it’s good to use with your boyfriend!


You can position the eye portion of the sheet to cover the eye bags of your eyes. What I like to do is lie down while using masks. My eyes are very important ★

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Remove the pack after 5-10 minutes! What makes Japanese masks so special is that when you remove them there is no sticky feeling? And even thought the masks are thin, it doesn’t feel dry after usage!


Just pat the remaining essence and the simple skincare is complete!

The mask is easy to use, good for tightening skin pores, it is works on swellings too. I tried using it in the bath, and I think this is the first time I’ve used a warm mask? By the way, using a warm mask helps retain moisture in the face. While the face is still warm, your essence may have a better effect!

You can also prevent the sudden dry up of the skin right after coming out of the bath with this warm mask!! 😀

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