Synaps Sparkling Gorgeous! Mask Pack – Review by Starlet Wan Wei

Extract from our Starlet’s review:

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This mask is truly…suspicious. Haha, it has a set of rather complicated instructions (for a mask, that is) as well.

When you first mix packets A and B into a large bowl of water, this is what you get. Bubbles!


You can hear the sizzles too! And you’re supposed to errrrrr…stick your face into the water for as long as you can, then let the bubbles settle.

Actually I suspected I used this mask wrongly, because I stuck my head in the water for 10seconds only!😀 I did wait for 5 minutes after that though. Surprisingly, the effects were great! My skin looks really radiant later.

Would I recommend you buy this? Yes, if you’re curious and bored.😀 I would personally buy this as a gift for my beauty junkie friends because it is so interesting!

However, this is not a mask for busy people–it’s too much hassle. So I won’t buy it for myself.”

Starlet Wan Wei

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