Saborino Morning Face Mask – Review by Starlet Xen

Extract from our Starlet’s review:

“I’ve never heard of morning masks (without the need to pre-cleanse the face) until now! Saborino Morning Masks are meant to be used that way, they are an all-in-one: face wash, skincare (tightening which reduce puffiness) and moisturizer. Just pop one on when you get up or whilst still snoozing in bed. Instructions say to leave on for at least a minute, I had mine on for about 5. So what’s in it? For cleansing– apple fruit acid, tightening- peppermint extract, cucumber extract, tea tree leaf oil and grapefruit leaf oil, and for moisturizing– collagen, hyaluronic acid, orange oil, avocado extract and honey.

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Saborino masks are folded but do not stick together when taken out. Nothing more annoying than accidentally pulling out 2 sheets and “contaminating” the second when you only need one. The mask looked a little small initially but it does stretch out.

The mask has a light minty-tea tree scent which I found energizing in the morning. On the skin it tingles slightly, however it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes at all. The scent does linger and it’s not as “wet” as other sheet masks which I’ve used, but then again it’s not meant as a moisture mask. Overall, I found it super easy to use, my face was clean and I experienced no irritation at all. Really great for mornings when you need an extra pick-me-up but are short on time, also on long haul flights before landing.”

Starlet Xen

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