Saborino Morning Face Mask – Review by Starlet Shera

Translated from our Starlet’s review:

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Hello! Today, I bring to you the “Saborino mask pack”, which is a suitable item for when we are busy in the morning^^

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It is a mask pack from Kyoto city a little while ago! It is actually my first time using this item so I’m really happy to have the chance to use it. As I read the explanation of it with my poor Japanese language, on the surface of this package, they are saying that ‘this mask pack is for morning’.

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This mask pack is recommended for people who have not enough time in the morning. This mask pack including wash up + skin care = moisturising base !

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The way to use this it is very simple!
First, put on the face the mask pack on your face and wait just 60 seconds! And then remove the mask pack and tap on your face with the essence slightly and that is the end!
Since this pack has 5 mask sheets, we can use it for about a week!

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I will use it before I go to my work.
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The morning has come, so I will put this mask on my face. This pack has 5 mask sheets and it is arranged well. We can zip up this pack, so we can keep wet.

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Because I thought that It is good to keep cool to settle my face down, I put it in my refrigerator!

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Put on my fatty face..
To tell the truth it is too valuable to remove it in just 60 seconds . But, I had to follow the instruction, so I waited 60 seconds. I put it on my face without the make-up base!

スクリーンショット 2016-08-22 16.31.38
This is the result! My skin of face came together nicely, and the pores were closed.
I will apply make up right after covering my face with sunscreen. I haven’t applied my makeup yet, by it feels like makeup will apply well without a problem!

スクリーンショット 2016-08-22 16.31.46
Usually, I don’t make up my face heavily, so I like to use the RMK foundation. I found this foundation covers my face thinly in summer.

スクリーンショット 2016-08-22 16.31.54
I’ll do eye makeup with this one ! I use only the brown color. And I use the Mono Eyes Gingerfouder as it is my favorite.

スクリーンショット 2016-08-22 16.32.04

Finally, we move on to the cheeks. I don’t like to accent my cheekbones, but I do like it with peach colour.
スクリーンショット 2016-08-22 16.32.13

This is final result !

スクリーンショット 2016-08-22 16.32.19

I look ugly with with my eyes opened, so here is a shot of me with eyes closed hahaha

Even then when I receive this item and tried it, I wanted to share this. As you can see, the makeup goes on quite well. I would bring this mask pack one more time when I go Japan again !

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It best for emergency days, like for mornings when I am short on time and have to rush! Or days when I need apply makeup successfully today!
Buy this and put aside, it’ll be useful when the time comes. That’s all for today’s review.”

Starlet Shera

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