Saborino Morning Face Mask – Review by Starlet Ddtory

Translated from our Starlet’s review:

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Hi and hello everyone! ‘ 3’)//

Today I am bringing you a product from Japan’s drugstores!!!!!!!!!!

I am really, really happy to be able to show everyone something from Japan that you have not seen yet hahaha It was also interesting for me to try it out. We’ll first put that aside and show today’s item.

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:: Saborino Morning Mask Pack ::

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The package has a refreshing feel to it! There’s probably a lot of fruits and vegetables in it? hahahah It’s irritating that I can’t read Japanese. TT TT hahah

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But I know there are five sheets in each pack! I think anyone can guess this ^^ hahahaha

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An inspection of the illustrations it feels similar to Skinfood. It is made out of edible ingredients! It’s a simple mask that can be used for busy mornings. It’s really easy to use~ After a facial wash, you just put this on for 60 seconds. 1 minute later your skin will be ready, and you can put your makeup on immediately! It’s really simple, right?

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I tear along the top where it says open to look inside. It’s easier to use a scissors !;ㅅ;

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The material of the five sheets are better than I thought they’d be~ Yet they are not as soaked in essence like Korean masks?

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The sheets are thinner than I’d thought they’d be. It doesn’t feel like the masks is too moist, and though it has been a rather unimpressive till now, I’ll still try it on my face.

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After washing my face and without putting on any serum, I try and put it on my face. Ah–!!!!!!! What is that, mint? There could be some menthol, making my face feel cool and refreshing. Oooo mysterious mysterious

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My face is big but the big sheet suits me. It doesn’t feel like the mask is overly moist on the face, and I’m not really into masks that are dripping with essence that cause stickiness… I’d say this mask is just nice for me.

But because of the mint(?), there was a little stinging sensation. That was a little disappointing. ><><><

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Removal after 1 minutes~ 1 minute is really short for a sheet mask, so it’s more like 3-5 minutes? I think it’s not bad to put that long when the face is dry.

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There isn’t much essence leftover, but I let the the skin absorb the remaining essence by tapping on my skin! The recommended directions say to absorb the remaining essence with cotton, there really isn’t a need… hahahah go ahead and just tap!

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It’s more moist than I thought! Oooh it’s alright! In summer days it’s really troublesome to put on various products, plus there is a refreshing moment when you place it on your face and removes any swelling, I personally think that the moisture is enough to skip putting foundation!

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It’s summer now, and because I have oily skin, it might be enough for me to use only this. Should the seasons change, I think it good to apply moisture cream along with the mask! After using this I feel refreshed, it’s a good mood booster!! ><

As someone who is not into sheet masks that has excessive amount of essence and the sticky feeling it leaves behind, and as someone who surprisingly does not use masks, this product has gotten me interested! There is no dripping to worry about, and I just need to put it on to wait for it to dry, it’s simply the best! hahahah It’s really disappointing that it is not being sold in Korea. (TT) (TT) (TT) I am gotten have to bring a few back when I travel to Japan…  ❤︎”

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