Saborino Morning Face Mask – Review by Starlet Abigail

Extract from our Starlet’s review:

“In the first beauty bundle I received from Wonect, I found a genius solution to my problems. Saborino Morning Face Mask is a product that made its debut in the Japanese market just last year, but it’s already become massively popular. Everyone loves a two-fer, for instance classic hydrating primers like Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil, but this sheet mask does one better. The Saborino Morning Mask bills itself as breakfast for your face, and it’s a three-course extravaganza that combines a cleansing function with what they dub a ‘skincare routine’, and a makeup primer base. All you have to do is pop the mask on for 60 seconds in the morning, and let it work its magic.

Is it, you ask, too good to be true? I wondered the same myself, and to test it, I stuck the pack of five masks by my bedside table for a whole workweek.

The first thing that stuck me was how remarkably easy it was to fish a sheet out of the resealable pack each day. After I hit snooze, I didn’t even have to open my eyes much. Most other sheet masks I’ve tried are delicate, flimsy things that bunch up all too easily, but these were surprisingly sturdy. Once you unfold it and figure out which way is up, the only thing left to do is place it firmly over your face and smooth the edges down.

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The recommended time to leave it on is just a minute, but I wound up snoozing with the mask on a couple of times and was no worse for the wear. With a fragrance I’d describe as citrusy, minty, and herbaceous, it’s something absolutely refreshing to wake up to when you finally emerge from that extra five minute nap. The Saborino Morning Mask is also non-sticky, so you can skip directly to the part where you slap on your make-up for the day.

M told me that my skin looked unusually clear and dewy on the mornings I used the mask, and I thought my foundation glided on a tad smoother, but don’t just take our word for it. It’s even been raved about on Cosme (コスメ), the Japanese version of MakeupAlley, only even harsher (Because the Japanese beauty market just has so many new innovations to choose from, only products that really work for most people make it to the top)

The Saborino Mask isn’t something that you can find in Singapore stores just yet, but if you’re the pioneering sort, and want to be among the first in the rest of the world to try it, it’s available on Wonect.”

Starlet Abigail

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