Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel – Review by Starlet Wan Wei

Extract from our lovely Starlet’s review:

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Let’s start the review with the Naturie skin conditioning gel–it IS a holy grail. Trust me when I say this!! When I first tried this product, I knew for sure that it was Harumi-san who chose and packed this for us starlets.

HAHAHAHAHA. Because、 女心。^_^

Admittedly, I was initially not very excited about the product because of the lacklustre packaging. However, after I tried it, I was instantly converted. Because of how easily the gel is absorbed into my skin!

As a Singaporean with combination skin, the dry weather in Finland means that we need a lot of tender-loving care on our face, neck and hands. I usually use Lancome/ SK-II but they are super expensive!!! So this product would definitely work long-term for me.

Anyway–don’t be fooled by the boring looking packaging! Albion skin conditioner also looks super boring but it works very well and makes skin super soft.

On the less expensive range, I sometimes use moisturising face masks. Yet honestly I’d never seen a product as cost-effective as this. This Naturie skin conditioning gel includes hyaluronic acid and tears of Jobs abstract, is gel-like and easily absorbable. It also contains no fragrance or additives, which is a definite plus since this implies no additional weight on your face.

I’m not sure why it is called a “skin conditioning gel”, because to me it seems to be more of a moisturiser. But maybe it makes your skin tone more even over time as well?🙂

180g for SGD18 on wonect, which means $1/10g. Which is way cheaper than any night mask–plus it works super well too! I’d personally buy this product or get as souvenirs for my friends the next time I go to Japan. You can use this product on any part of your body as well, which is why it is so awesome.

No wonder it ranks #No. 1 on @cosme. Japanese ladies are wise indeed…!”

Starlet Wan Wei

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