Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel – Review by Starlet Shera

Translated from our Starlet’s review:
“Do you remember the Olive Young Skin! Hatomugi Skin that I introduced previously? … hhahah It’s the one that took the first place in the watery cream category.
If you’d like to read that article of mine, you can find it here:
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Yep, as I wrote in that article, Hatomugi has whitening and tone-up effects on the skin, and is good against acne too. I don’t have acne problems, but I love the tone-up effects on the skin with all my heart. It is also a watery cream, that has large amount.
To think that is is number one item in Spring/Summer 2016! hahah Since Naturie is Hatomugi’s moisture gel, it has the potential to be the number one product. A relatively cheap price for such a wonderful product, no doubt it’s the best item that can be used regardless of your gender and age.
On the back there are some explanations. It’s a large size of 180g, so you can apply as much you want. Yet it is only 900 yen, an affordable price. It’s not even 1,000 yen for a product that is 180g is really quite a steal when you think about.
I have to be careful with the weight of my luggage the next time I go to Japan. Like the Watery Cream, this is a multi-use that can used on the body and the face.
Ta-dah. You see a pure white moisture cream as soon as you open it, translucent and lustrous. No colour is used, and there is barely any scent to it. It’s really lacking any scent, much like water? I wonder if you can see the moist feel?
The cream may look translucent, but it looks like it holds a lot of moisture?
Each use uses about this much, which is about the same amount you use for other creams. The cream penetrates the skin immediately, moistening the skin immediately. You can apply a thickly over moisture pack, or mix it together with solid foundation for use. Though translucent, it becomes transparent when absorbed by the skin.
If get a chance to go to the Japanese drugstore, be sure to buy this hahah Reasonable price at a big volume, that you can apply quite generously. Anyone who uses it can become a strong user! It’s hard to find this difficult to use, there are no side-effects when using, Hatomugi Moisture Cream is recommended.”
Starlet Shera

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