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Hi everyone! It’s ddtory!!! Today I’ll be reviewing something from Japan’s drugstore! ‘3’)// It’s something really popular that I received from Japan’s [Wonect]!!!! >< It’s always something we don’t get to see in Korea, making it an excitement everytime the products reach me!
The first product I shall present this September is the Naturie Hatomugi Moisturising Gel!
It’s an item that has cliched the top spot on Japan @cosme charts! @Cosme is Japan’s biggest online cosmetics site that ranks products. You can find a lot of good items regardless of price on it! +_+
And it is this big!
It is a conditioning gel that is 180g big, and can be used to moisturise either the face or body. 🙂
Open! Wah, there is alot in the container hahahaha Oh, that’s right! The name of the brand is called Hatomugi, right? It is actually “Yurum” in Korean! Yurum is fantastic as a moisturising item for the skin.
It has a wobbly texture just like pudding. Should I say it’s brighter than aloe vera gel? It doesn’t have any unique smells. It is also scentless, so you won’t feel a repulsion to it!
The translucent gel type feels good when using it, as it has a high moist density and is soft to the touch. Plus it’s good that you can apply over a huge area with just a bit of gel.
It’s as though I can confirm having moist skin for once! ><
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I tried applying it directly to my skin. My first impression was how soft it feels. Gel types have this image of having a flabby texture that is a little solidified, but it is not so with this product.
I can really feel the moisture in this. Not only does it feel like water on the skin, I feel my skin recharged as soon as I apply the gel across my skin.
It just takes 30 seconds for my skin to appear with such moisture! Aloe vera gel has a unique smell and sticky feeling, which this gel doesn’t have!
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My skin absorbs the gel immediately, making it a great care item for dry skin. It’s light, has no sticky feeling, has no alcohol content, and does leave the skin feeling dry.
Furthermore, the amount is not only for the face, but also for the body, making it great value for money!!
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My skin begins to dry as Autumn approaches, but using Hatomugi’s Naturie Moisturising Gel not only feels good, it remove any sense of dryness, killing two birds with one stone.
Right now only Hatomugi’s Lotion is being sold here in Korea. Why is it only selling the lotion… furthermore it’s bound to be a popular item. Personally I think the moisturising gel is more effective than the lotion.
The gel is better in moisturising than the aloe vera gel, so do use it where ever your skin begins to dry! 😀 It’s not number one on @cosme for nothing hahaha And the price is really affordable!! hahaha
That’s all for today’s review! Annyeong!!”
Starlet Ddtory

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