KOSE Softymo Honey Whip Cleansing Foam – Review by Starlet Xen

Extract from our Starlet’s review:

“I also got to try a top ranking cleansing product- Kose Softymo Honey Whip Cleansing Foam. I’ve seen it many times at drugstores but I never picked it up as I felt it would not be suitable for my skin (sensitive, acne-prone, and I prefer natural/no parabens). Looking at the pink and adorable packaging, I just assumed it was laden with synthetic and drying ingredients. Oh, how wrong I was!

(all photos via mementovivere-x.blogspot.jp)

This foam claims to be a makeup remover and cleanser all in one, you can use it with dry hands and after massaging the foam in, rinse it off thoroughly. Key ingredients include- 5 types of 100% pure honey (lavender, damask rose, lycium, orange blossom and lychee) and glycerin for rich moisturizing properties.

My skin is sensitive-normal, and I can’t use cleansers which are too harsh or drying. The best cleansers for me are low-foaming and which provide some moisture. I tested this cleanser in the morning on my bareface, and also with makeup swatches below:


Top to bottom: Eyebrow powder, Maybelline Gel Liner (love this! super black, long-lasting and doesn’t smudge), Clarins Kohl Pencil Liner, Clarins BB Cream, RMK Lipgloss and Chanel Joues Contraste Blusher in Rose Tourbillon.


The liquid pumps out as a dense foam, sorta like whipped cream and pillowy to the touch. I massaged it in with ease and rinsed off with cool water. As you can see, it took off the powders without difficulty but the eyeliners still remain as well as a hint of the BB cream. That said, the eyeliner is crazy hard to remove (water-based doesn’t work, it only moves with oil) and if you use light makeup, this could function as both your makeup remover and cleanser. On days when I use a compact powder instead of BB cream, I don’t even need to double cleanse.
I like that the Softymo Honey Whip Cleansing Foam is free of preservatives(parabens), mineral oils, silicones, ethyl alcohol and colorants. Even the floral honey scent is natural! I would never have guessed that this was a “gentle” cleanser based on it’s packaging. Because gentle and natural products are usually housed in more basic/generic packaging. I have been using this for 3 weeks as my morning cleanser and also nightly second cleanse (after cleansing oil). Very gentle, no irritation and soft skin after each wash.”
Starlet Xen

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