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I have prepared Softymo’s Honey Bottle Cleansing today. I don’t put on a lot of heavy makeup, though I do use eyeliner and foundations on my face. That is perhaps why if there is even a little eye shadow left, it would get into my eye and cause inflammation. (@°-°@)

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Since the items are use are focused on the eyes and lips, I feel that the health of my eyes and lips are not like they used to be due to being unable to wash them off thoroughly. Recently I’ve been using a lip and eye make remover for the first wash, and bubbly cleanser for the second wash. Let’s see how well KOSE’s Sofytmo Honey Whip Cleansing can cleanse.

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This is the back.

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Whichever side it is, I can’t read it at all. It’s probably the directions for use and the ingredients written here… hahaha

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It comes in a pump style. After using it a few times hahah, the pump is already empty.

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I mentioned that I always use a water-type lip and eye make removal for the first wash, and a cleansing foam for the second wash. But my extremely dry skin gets really tense after using the cleasning foam for my face. It’s the same as the Softymo Cleanser which is easily found at drugstores, which also comes out as bubbly foam!

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This is how the foam looks like. If you rub it or leave it alone, it dissolves away. The bubbles feels so fine that it doesn’t give any stress on the skin.

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The faint scent of honey also uplifts the mood.

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I tried out how well the product can remove cosmetics including foundation, thick eye shadow, and lipstick. Generally other bloggers also do the same hahahah I shall do the same.

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Normally I’d use my usual lip and eye removal, but to see how well the cleanser can remove the cosmetics, I used it directly with two pumps from the bottle.

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Unbelievable hahah I recalled something since it’s been a while since I’ve used foam cleansers. Similar to this I just needed to rub a little and both the foam and cosmetics dissolve like this. I remember using the cleanser from Clear and Clear when I had acne in high school. Anyone who had it knows this, right? Surely everyone has used this, right? hahahaha

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Removes pretty well, doesn’t it? The dark spots on my hands are from when I burnt myself on a previous occasion.  The reason why I usually don’t review the comparisons of colours of cosmetics. hahaha *cold sweat*

Looking really hard, there is a bit of lip stick left. In my case, after using cleaning the lipstick and eye makeup in the first cleansing, I will use this for the second wash, since I think this will cleanse everything well.

I am happy that the cleansing doesn’t leave my face feeling tense, and instead has a moist touch. That moist feeling also doesn’t go away even after the wash.

There are some who feel that they don’t feel that their faces have been washed clean if there is no squeaking sound. However this item really removed any toner and cosmetics completely. If I go to Japan again, I will have to get the Softymo Honey Whip Cleansing Refill. Surprisingly, my budget has to go up with every visit to Japan’s drugstore.

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Today, there is an item has been added to the my wishlist, under the “Must Have” items. ☆”

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