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Hi everyone!! It’s ddtory ‘3’

August is coming to an end, and yet there is so much left to do! And I have plans to travel to Japan when winter comes. I’ll have to upload my previous trip to Osaka soon … ㅋㅋ

I am going to share a good cleansing foam which you can buy during your trip to Japan! ><

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:: Softymo Speedy Cleansing ::

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Oo!! The first time I have seen this cleansing foam! 🙂 I have been to Japan before, but I’ve always bought things that I am familiar with, and not go around the drugstore to explore. (TT) (TT) (TT) I didn’t know there was such a product! A facial foam that cleanses speedily!

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It says that its the top cleansing product in Japan! Ooh And it looks like it is able to wash off makeup easily with just one wash. It also writes that it can boost the retention of moisture. I’ve guessed, correctly? ‘3’ㅋㅋ

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This cleansing foam is a product the famous KOSE COSMEPORT! KOSE is a brand famous for its cost-performance cosmetics. I also have their eye shadow, which is both cheap and cute~ Furthermore the brand’s products are cute, and the pricing is not high, making it a definite inclusion into my shopping list! hahah

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Just remove the removable cap and it’s ready to use~ You can put it back when you are not using it! Well, if you are probably going to put it in the bathroom to use, so just throw it away while looking cool hahahah

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An easy-to-use pump style. I think it’s good that when you pump it, the cleanser comes out in a foam style making it easy to use. It’s great that Japan has a lot of cleansers like that, just like the specialised speedy foam I’ve introduced previously! 🙂

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I squeezed a little out to see! What came out looks like a little chick hahaha Immediate fluffy bubbles make this really fun hahahaha And you don’t need to take time to foam the cleanser makes it very convenient. +_+

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Look at how fine the bubbles are~ And the scent and powdery feel is great too!

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Let’s try using it! Here is the graffitti of foundation, lipstick, pencil eyeliner, waterproof eyeliner on my face! ‘3’ hahahaha

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Bubbles bubbles~ From the bottle to the face! Wow! There is no problem using wet hands with this. Will be great if it can remove the makeup! I gave it 2-3 pumps of the cleanser.

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Please gently rub your face in circles to dissolve the makeup! Because the cosmetics are oily, it didn’t feel like they would come off that easily with this.

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I tried to cleanse the oiliness away first then followed up with a second cleanse which was able to gently wash away the leftover makeup. Using water to wash over left a squeaky clean feeling, and no dry sensation, so the product isn’t too bad…?

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Removing excess water, we can see that the foundation, lipstick and pencil eyeliner has completely been removed, the pigtail-shaped waterproof eyeliner can still be seen slightly. I guess we can’t expect why this product can fully remove everything like professional removals!

Of course, not everything was removed in one wash, but the second cleanse was able to remove even the stubborn stuff! I am quite happy with its cleansing strength, its ease of use, and that it doesn’t feel the skin feeling dry. This is unlike many products that are strong in cleansing strength, but leaves the skin feeling horribly dry~ It’s good how this feels like a professional product, but isn’t too stimulating!

That’s the end of today’s recommendation from Japan!! Bye!!”

Starlet ddtory

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