Ettusais Peeling Milk – Review by Starlet Wan Wei

Extract from our lovely Starlet’s review:

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This is a rather gentle product, so I’m not sure if it really works. It’s probably a psychological thing, I have no idea why I tend to associate “tingy feelings” with “effectiveness”?? (Think= SKII)

When I first used it, there were lots of “eraser dust” that came off, and I assumed that a good part of my old skin cells came off too. So yes, it did give me a fresh feeling after usage. My skin also appeared brighter. Some blackheads also came off (but not all XD).

I think I need to use it for a prolonged period of time to be able to see the effect? So I intend to use it for twice a week and see what happens.

Anyway, I -think- peeling milk is supposed to be gentle so that they don’t scar or poke holes into your skin. So this is good!

I’d probably need more time to decide if this product does have an effect or not. On the brighter side, it smells really great and makes you feel happy!”

Starlet Wan Wei

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