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Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover really removes makeup well!!

This time, we’re going to look at the second product from Wonect’s January products~ It is sold in Koera and has a lot of fans – the Bifesta Eye Makeup Removal 🙂

:: Bifesta Eye Makeup Removal ::

Volume 145ml

This received number one award in the 2013 @cosme awards! @cosme ranks the most popular products annually in Japan. As such, it’s easy to know the best and the most popular products in Japan!

You’d know that Bifesta is famous for their cleansing water and cleansing sheets, right? It’s the first time I got to know that they have an eye makeup removal too! Looking forward to the moist feeling that the eye makeup removal has!

A collaborative photoshoot with makeup removal hahaha

Surely no one has used this colour… in real life, right??

Just like in the photo, please pull up on the packaging!!

This eye makeup removal has oil content, so please mix the two layers together well. Water layer and oil layer, shake it shake it.

You might not be able to see it properly, but it’s about the size of a 500 won coin, on a piece of cotton.

Just 5 seconds with the piece of cotton on the makeup area, and please wipe off gently, without rubbing!! (this is important)

Oo, the first wipe and this much came off. Even if you are wearing thick makeup, you will not need to use any strength to remove it.

Same for the mascara, fold the cotton onto it for 5 sec, slide the cotton off and the makeup comes off easily. You know not to rub your eyes after removing the mascara off, right? huhuhu

Oh! Right off!! The makeup is removed cleanly. I didn’t even needed to use cotton swabs and the corners are cleaned.

I think everyone’s eyes area is sensitive, and it’s especially so for me. When I use products that are not suitable for my eyes, there is a prickling irritation and I start to tear. huhuhu There are products that would make my eyes red even after makeup removal, and there are products that will make me tear without end. Bifesta doesn’t irritate my skin at all, and is able to remove my makeup effectively.

It also removed this very thick tint off. And my plain face after my cleansing.

It removed everything cleanly, even lipstick! +_+ The cleansing strength has me convinced.

Whenever I go to Japan, I’m sure to get the Bifesta Cleansing Sheet, because the cleansing sheets doesn’t put burden on my skin and doesn’t cause the prickling irritation, and removes my makeup well without stimulation on the skin.

This Eye Makeup Removal too, doesn’t have much stimulation on the skin, and leaves the skin feeling moist. The eye area is especially sensitive, so there’s no worry that you need to rub to cleanse.

Do give the high water content Bifesta Eye makeup Removal a try some time. +_+)bb

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