Visee Glossy Rich Eyes – Review by Starlet Ddtory

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“Here it is!!! The second item from Wonect’s November package!
For anyone who is interested in Japanese cosmetics, I have brought this particular eyeshadow to show you!! XD

:: Visee Glossy Rich Eyes ::

This Visee eyeshadow is said to be the Japan version of LUNASOL in pre-production. Visee is a famous brand that is well-known for its eyeshadows and watercolour-like colours for lip and cheek! Visee is a cosmetic series from the big cosmetics brand KOSE.


It has pearl-like delicacy and elegance~ And the eyeshadow palette has a three-dimensional look. This is PK-3 Pearl Red colour.

There is a simple explanation on how to use the products on the back. There is such a good combination of colours, so it looks like there’s a lot of patterns we can achieve with it.

Kuu~ what a cute packaging! >< There are four different eyeshadow colours. Even the volume is substantial. It has 4.7g. Just 1g of eyeshadow can last quite long.

The names of the colours are written on the inside of the light, plastic case. It’s so pretty with the Japanese lace packaging. 😀 I really love using this!

The four types of colours can be used normally to get a cute look. You can achieve a good colour mix, whether you use one colour or combine them! The colour that takes the lead is Burgundy!

The tip is really small~ but the sponge is really sturdy, good good! bb Small but excellent tip.

Let’s try on each colour!

Starting first with A (leftmost), there is more focus on the pearl-like look than the colour itself. That’s how pearl whites should be~
B (second from the left) is the base colour, beige tone!
C (second from the right) is the accenting colour burgundy, which has a controlled redness, giving it a high-class feel.
D (rightmost) is dark brown with pearl.

Though we have four colours to match, it’ll look cute no matter how we combine them, right? hurhur

Furthermore, pearl is artful. Very fine is gold pearl is included in the formulation, creating a sparkling eye area!! XD

I tried using the Visee Glossy Rich Eyes for eye makeup! Is really cute right?! +0+

I applied the beige colour, and the burgundy twice over. I used the pearl white for the under area. Towards the ends of my eyes I used the brown colour to bring it backwards.

After pulling my eyeline with the brown eye liner, it has natural looking gradation from the shadow colour! It’s great to combine it with the brown eyeliner naturally! ?

I wonder if it’s because of the redness in it, but there is a sense of pureness. Furthermore, the burgundy matches the autumn season without being too heavy, thus is suitable for normal makeup. The PK-2 that I own has spring-like colours, while the PK-3 gives a cute sense of burgundy and berries.

I wore this makeup to Jeju the other day, and I got praised by my friends when they saw how cute the eyemake was. hehe Although there are four colours, the size is quite compact, so it’s also suitable for carrying around. Doesn’t take up space, good!

This is how it looks under natural light! The pearl gives a cute look with the sparkly look. This product has a good cost-performance, and is usually well-ranked among eyeshadows products!! + – +)//

You can get a cute look too by softening the look with the brown colour when you apply black eyeliner or mascara! Wonect now has a Korean language, so that it’s easier to look now! The items I have introduced are also there, so GO GO! Using the code will give you a secret discount!!★

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