SWEETS SWEETS Cushion Tint Cheek – Review by Starlet Shera

Translated from our Starlet’s review:

“I have prepared Sweet Sweet Cushion Cheek for today’s review ⭐ It is different from the other ︎blushers we have seen till now as there is a special way to use it.

(all photos from blog.naver.com/wicce29)


This is how the packaging looks. Is it a type of cream blusher? But it seems different from the usual powder or cream types.


It writes that there is a faint scent of orange. The ingredients are written at the bottom. I couldn’t read everything as it was 100% in Japanese.


It looks like it a multi-purpose blusher, as it includes an essence that protects the skin.


Seems like Sweet Sweet is a Tokyo brand. It is well-known for its makeup products, so it makes me look forward to using the blushers.


It’s a cute way to use, by tapping onto the cheek like a stamp. The colour is a light pink. I am not sure what the name of the colour is, but it is the number 03. There should be other colours available too.


The directions to use is written on the side.


You squeeze a little bit of liquid out like a toothpaste and tap onto your cheeks, then use your palm to spread it. It’s similar to how you would use the normal cream blushers.


Open! It’s a small and cute blusher that you can grasp completely in one hand.


As I mentioned, all the ingredients and directions of use is written on the inside.


Fluffy blusher brush. Just a little squeeze and it turns pink. Whenever I use blushers, I usually have to use other tools too, so I feel that this blusher makes it convenient.


My face when there is nothing going on. I applied a bit of foundation, and am going to apply a bit of the blusher.


I squeezed it to get the colour ready. What a curious pattern!


The colour is not too strong, and is in perfect shade. I think this is the best thing about the Sweet Sweet Cushion Cheek, to apply a natural colour.

Starlet Shera

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