SANRIO x Love Liner Liquid Eye Liner – Review by Starlet Shera

Translated from our Starlet’s review:


Today, I shall be introducing the Sanrio x Love Liner collaboration item, which is a liquid eyeliner that went on sale on 15 August. I received it towards the end of August, and I’ve always been using since then.


What is cute packaging! This is great for my dry skin as it is formulated with moisturising ingredients. Kiki Lala is drawn on it! It is making me really wanting to open it!


It is a rich black colour. I think are other colours? Never seen a brown colour liquid liner before (TT) It has a metallic appearance, with a volume of 0.55ml.


It is a thin pen with a width of 0.1mm, making it very easy to use, even for beginners. It says it’s waterproof, so let’s test it out! ?


At the back… I have no idea what is written on the back, but I know that it’s Sanrio, it’s Made in Japan, and that it costs 1,600 yen. hahah


Kya- Kiki Lala is so cute! When I was young I really loved them, and recently there seems to be a lot of character collaboration, including Sailormoon. It’s an enjoyment just looking at it _* I wish there will be more and more collaboration products


Flipping the cover open reveals the instructions to draw using the eye liner. I’m quite thankful that it is part of the package. ㅋ_ㅋ It’s great!


Thank goodness I studied a bit of Japanese ㅋㅋ I can’t read anything beyond daily conversation and travel phrases. I can roughly guess what the kanjis mean.


I just need to draw the corners of the eyes well, it seems. Without having to draw out the bottom line out completely, your eyes will be able to look larger ★ Okay, I think it’s test time hahahaha *heart pound*


First, my eyes without any makeup. Nothing’s applied on my eyelashes hahaha this is how it naturally looks…


Here I try to do the Eye Shadow. I used Dior 5 No, 708. I’ll post the photo later. It looks a little messy, so I thought “forget it” ㅋㅋ What I used is in the bottom-right colour in the photo.


Alright, to continue with the main review. I had to use both hands to pull my skin while drawing the eye line. Especially since the liquid dries quite quickly, I couldn’t take my time to draw the eye line slowly or carefully.


Next I shall try to draw the corners of my eyes. Just once and my eye area lengthened. Where I draw becomes part of my eye! Well, that’s obvious?


It would be good to combine with the diagonal, but I use others often other than pink. I used the bottom-right colour as a colour graduation.


Completed! It looks real simple, right… Draw the corners of the eye, and half of the bottom line. Doing it completely will make you eye look smaller, so around this amount is good.


Ta-dah. The whole eye make looks like this. I don’t have double eyelids, so this is the most I can do. Usually I make my eyelashes the focal point by applying at least 2 colours for my eye shadow. With this alone, it’s suitable for a natural make, right? It doesn’t come off easily, the colour is thick, and the price is reasonable, making this item a recommended item.”

Starlet Shera

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